5 Healthy Ways to Improve Family Bonding

How to improve family bonding without leaving the house?

improve family bonding


Good family relationships don’t just fall from the sky and they’re definitely not something you should take for granted. They are something you need to invest in and work on, something that feeds on your actions, time and emotions. And there are many wonderful things you can and should do to strengthen the bonds between you and your family. They are usually simple things done with a lot of love, fun and positive, and they don’t even require you to go anywhere or spend large amounts of cash. Take a look at these healthy ways you can bond with your family in and around your home.

Introduce reading time

There’s nothing that can develop your children’s imagination like reading. If your kids are too young and still can’t read, make sure you read to them and tell them wonderful stories of dragons, knights and little people who turned out to be the strongest and most kindhearted heroes. On the other hand, if your children already know how to read, introduce reading time as a regular and very pleasurable activity. The key is that you all read at the same time and that you comment on what you’ve read afterwards. Having your children expressing themselves verbally and even through roleplay is an amazing way for them to tell or show you how they perceive the stories they read. Throw in some hot cocoa and the fact that you’re physically close to each other and reading can become your family’s favorite way of bonding.

Become a teacher for a while

Your little ones come home from school with new knowledge almost every day. However, there is a lot that they can learn from you, too. For example, most kids love spending time in the kitchen, so why not teach them how to cook something? Show them how to knead dough, supervise them while they use a hand mixer or reheat their bowl of soup in the microwave oven. If you’re artsy, try showing them how to make some simple jewelry, create origami art, or knit a scarf. Plant a tree, make your own toys from recycled materials or even do a family DIY tire-recycling project. Your children will be grateful for the time you and your partner spend with them and it will give you the chance to learn more about what they like and what interests them, but also find out if anything is bothering them.


improve family bonding


Soak yourselves into bliss

When the days get too hot to bear and the night air still carries the day’s heat, a great way to bond with your family is by relaxing in a lovely and spacious swim spa. Not only will it allow you to cool down a bit on a blazing afternoon, but it can also be a nice way to unwind before bedtime. And when your whole family is together in such a relaxing and cheerful situation, you can talk about your day and bond through sharing your thoughts. Add some music to the mix, or make an outdoor movie screen using a white cotton sheet and some plastic pipes and watch a film while in your spa. Another good thing about swim spas is that your kids can swim in them, which is a great form of exercise. Staying active and healthy is what everybody should strive for and want for their family.

All work and no play…

Neither do you want to be dull parents, nor do you want your family life to become dull. So, in order to do some serious bonding, find the child inside you and play with your little ones. Anything from dodgeball or hide-and-seek in the backyard, to Uno cards or various board games in your living room will do. Play memory games, guessing games, quiz games, or any other kind of games whatsoever. You’ll be having fun before you know it and that kind of positivity and optimism will transfer to your kids. When they see you behaving more like them, they will be more likely to confide in you or talk to you openly about anything they’re curious about. They’ll feel closer to you and you’ll inevitably feel closer to them as well.

Theme nights are all that

It’s simple. Pick one night each week and make it a rule that you all stay home on that night, doing something that you decide on as a family. Probably the best nights for such activities are Friday or Saturday nights, but it might be a good idea to allow the kids to choose which night it should be, so that they know that their opinion matters as much as yours. They can also choose what you’ll do. You can watch a film, order food from a different restaurant every week and have dinner together, or even have a big family sleepover on the living room floor. Play charades, have an indoor treasure hunt, or do something silly, like throwing a disco party or preparing a night-time picnic in your backyard to build healthy and strong family relationships.

Your family is the most important thing in the world to you and if you keep your relationship healthy and strong, the bonds between you will be unbreakable. Plus, you can have fun doing it, so take our good advice and start bonding with your family today.

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