Morning Ritual to Keep You Energetic All Day Long

How morning ritual can keep you energetic all day long?

energetic all day

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Early morning hours remain the best time to plan for your day; most critical decisions are made during this time. Early morning hours are peaceful, scenic and quiet. Thus, engaging in thoughtful morning ritual will yield multiple benefits for you- it will ensure you start the day on a productive, purposeful, and right footing.

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If you want to spice your day, then below are refreshing rituals you can include in your morning routine. Research says that they will truly energize you to be productive all through the day:

Drink a glass of lemon water

When you wake up in the morning, after brushing your teeth, then drink a glass of lemon water, and add it few drops of lemon juice, and allow it to stir before drinking.

Studies says that a glass of lemon water will refresh your brain, breath, aid your digestive system, drastically reduce your appetite for food and inject a powerful dose of vitamins into your body. With a good dose of vitamins, you are sure of performing at an optimal level.

Meditate for 5 minutes, at least

Meditation is very important in the life of every human being. You can’t live a fulfilled life if you don’t practice life of examination of conscience. Meditation helps you to practice it. When you meditate, you will remember you didn’t do well, and then make a resolve to do them well next time.

Meditation also gives you opportunity to know people you need to meet, and probably people or networks you should avoid if you truly want to be extremely successful in life. You don’t need to spend the whole day meditating, just doing it 5 minutes every day will yield multiple benefits to you and your vision.

An ancient philosopher, Socrates says that: ‘an unexamined life is not worth living’. Meditation helps you to remain focused, stay happy, stay recollected and active. To meditate well, you need to stay away from all manner of distractions.

To keep you energetic all day long, you need to meditate at least 5 minutes daily. Meditation brings lots of benefits including boosting creativity, memory, focus, and strengthening your inner peace, and improving your immune system. So, meditating for 5 minutes daily will have a transformational impact in your life.

Get a good night’s sleep

The secret to performing productively the next day starts from having a cool night sleep a night before. You need to sleep at least 6 to 7 hours every night, so that you can begin a new day with great focus.

Sleeping boosts your mood, and makes you feel really better. It can benefit your mind, weight, heart, and lots more. Researchers have discovered that getting a good night sleep is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Consider getting a good innerspring mattress if you think you could use a nice upgrade from an old mattress.

Eat a balanced breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal you shouldn’t joke with. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you to stay focused and energized. Make sure your breakfast contains essential vitamins and minerals that will help you to live healthier and better.

A recent research says that breakfast are more appetizing and people who eat breakfast are more likely to exercise, less likely to be overweight than non-breakfast eaters. Further research shows that those who eat breakfast have higher intakes of fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, and Vitamin B6 more than those who skipped their meal. These nutrients will protect you from variety of diseases such as osteoporosis, and heart disease. Magnesium is especially important as it helps regulate a host of processes within the body. Check out these interesting facts about magnesium to learn more.

If it is not possible for you to eat your breakfast due to your busy schedule, consider eating whole foods such as nut butters or nuts, vegetables (for omelets), fruits, whole grains (oatmeal, cereals, bread products etc). By taking these whole foods, you would be said to have enjoyed a nutritious breakfast.

You cannot function effectively on an empty body. This is why eating breakfast is very important. Breakfast provides you with enough fuel to function all day long. If you eat a healthy breakfast, you can even skip lunch, and then take something light at dinner.

Not eating breakfast is like starting a car without fuel, it won’t be able to perform at an optimal level. Nutritionists recommends that breakfast should be taken at least two hours after waking.

Immerse yourself in sunlight

You need to expose yourself to natural rays of sunlight. Studies show that sunlight has a healthy effect on the brain. Try as much as you can to immerse yourself in sunlight when you wake up in the morning. This will boost your energy and enable you to perform optimally all through the day.  

If you can, try to keep the blinds in your bedroom open, so that you are assured of getting quality sunlight in the morning.

Alternatively, if you get up before the rising of the sun, you can switch on your lamp so that it can stimulate sunlight around you. The beauty of this is that it will have a transformative effect on your brain. Immersing yourself in sunlight will benefit your physical and mental health. Good luck as you strives to live healthier and better.

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