The (Un)perfect Family Trip

Planning an outdoor family trip can turn out to be quite stressful but the outcome always comes as something surprising and fulfilling.

planning family trip
photo: Pexels

You find out that you actually do not need all the props and baggage you carried and that you are able to make it out there in the wilderness just by improvising and with a smile.

These moments of life-survival hacks are the things that make the best memories and without any doubt your children find them most enjoyable. They re-connect with the nature and learn to rely on their instincts and work on things by brainstorming in the moment.

If you however want to have it all sorted out, here are some proposals on how to make your family trip most successful.

Our first suggestion is to choose an outdoor activity that will keep your kids entertained and will help them grow and learn to rely on their own skills. Fishing comes as a great choice since it allows you to straighten the family bonds and to teach your kids the patience and the respect for the nature and food. All you need to equip your loved ones is a fishing rod, few baits and a basket for the hopeful catch. All these can be found at at very reasonable prices and if the kids grow fond of the fishing you will be able to follow their rise from the amateur to a professional angler.

Our suggestion is to pack food and include the entire family in the process of preparing. Involve your children by letting them create their own amazing sandwiches and snacks. Let them familiarize with the responsibility of adults and learn the process of organization. Have everyone make a list of the things they want to bring, but keep it interesting by limiting the number of items. This is a great place to show off with your storytelling skills on as how to survive in the woods with little to any tools so their little heads get the tremendous sense of adventure.

The most important thing is to not get cold, so prepare to bring some warm outfits and if you are not as experienced we suggest you go fishing during spring and summer and always be aware of the possible rain and getting wet in the water. If this is your first time going fishing with your family we suggest to make it a short one, an hour drive and a couple of hours of the activity will be just enough and you can always schedule a longer trip for the following weekend.

Familiarize with the fishing as a subject if you yourself are an amateur, search the blogs and find some tips and tricks your children will be impressed with. In today’s era of internet of things, have your children do the research, let them explore YouTube and blogs and find some amazing places, make them feel included and responsible.

On top of everything remember to bring the high spirits. Don’t dwell on making everything perfect, all those little unexpected situations are exactly what will make it perfect and genuine – getting wet, falling into water or catching the tiniest fish out there. Quality time will make it count so laugh as much as possible and remember, it’s not just about catching the fish, it’s about learning and enjoying every aspect of the angler’s life and enjoy watching your children mature before your eyes.

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