Prepare Your Kid for Daycare Center

How to prepare your young one for an amazing time at a daycare center?

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Planning to get your child into a structured daycare center for the first time? Well, the transition from being at home with a parent or another family member every day to being in daycare can be quite traumatic for toddlers: the main reason why it is crucial that you try and ease the transition, so your child does not struggle with adapting to the new daycare environment. Many daycare Marlborough centers offer excellent daycare services that can be great for your young kids. You only need to know the perfect strategy to use to introduce your kids to these daycares, so they enjoy having to be there.

The caregivers at the daycares may offer the best top-notch services, and the environment is very conducive. But if you do not adequately prepare your kid for the change from home setting to the daycares, he/she will definitely have problems adjusting.

That’s the reason why we have compiled a list of ways that you can prepare your kids to have an amazing time at the daycare Marlborough centers.

Ease them into it

It is essential always to remember that kids still have young developing minds. So, you should try and ease them into the new process. You can do this by taking part-time introduction sessions to the daycare environment. This usually works best with many kids as it helps to ease the child’s concerns of being left in an unknown environment by the parent. It is also essential to note that some kids may not be wholly ready for the full-time daycare services. So, if possible, then starting the process by taking them like two days a week can be a good way to start things off.

During this time, it is also essential that you do not leave your child at the daycare center for too long. For a start, about 5 hours tops are great. Over time, you can take your kids to the daycare centers for longer periods. But this is only after they have adapted to their new environments.

Set a positive tone

As a parent, your attitude alone is enough to set the stage for your kids. As the parent, it is crucial that you do not transfer any levels of anxiety to your kids. So, even if you feel anxious or uneasy about sending them to daycare but know you have to, do not let your kids sense this. For most kids, if the parent is insecure or anxious about anything, then they usually are too.

So, always show excitement and bring out positive energy about the daycare school idea. If your kid sees that you are happy about this, he/she will believe that it is a good thing and quickly ease into the idea. You also need to try and develop a friendship with your toddler’s teachers. Yes! Kids can also pick up on your feelings with the teachers just by seeing how you interact or react with them.

So, you want to be careful the kind of emotions you signal to your kids when talking about daycare.

Don’t linger

Here is where most parents get things all wrong. Most parents and childcare providers that weigh in on this topic suggest that it is best that you always establish a quick and simple routing during your child’s drop-off time.

Do not be the parent who lingers around for too long whenever you see your kids crying and yelling when you drop them off. It may sound clinical or even cols, but lingering around while trying to quell their sadness only always makes it worse.

So, always make the drop-off as quick and swift as possible. Give your child a kiss and hug and leave. Never linger.

Leave them a comfort item

Some daycares allow parents to leave their kids comfort items to help them quell their separation anxiety. Leaving your kids something of yours like a scarf or jewelry helps them trust that you will return to get them. You can always make the transition even easier by telling your child to keep those items safe for you until you return. Your kid will trust and remember what you tell him/her every time he/she thinks about you. A child that knows the parent is coming back for her is more likely to be more cooperative than the one that does not have the same reassurance.

A comfort item can also be a recorded voice or some other thing other than a visual item.

When they cry

It is not uncommon to see kids upset or crying when being enrolled in daycare. So, even with the best preparation, don’t be shocked to see this happen. This can be a heart-wrenching time for both you and your child. At least 75% or kids will put on some heart-wrenching tears for their parents at drop-off times. But you find that most kids are usually fine in about 5 minutes.

If your child keeps crying after you leave, you can ask his/her teacher how long he/she does so after you leave. You will be shocked that it does not go on for more than 10 minutes for most kids. However, if you ask about how the rest of the day went, you will be happy yourself. Not to mention, all kids are usually thrilled when their parents come to pick them up. Take the smile instead and be happy that you made the right choice. Some daycare Marlborough caregivers have even said that some kids only cried in front of their parents hoping that they would change their minds. But after the parents leave, they immediately stop.

Final thoughts

Overall, when planning to send your toddler to daycare for the first time, many parents suggest talking to them in a language they understand. You also need to exercise a lot of patience. Remember, to your child, this is a major change of environment and just about everything else. So, you have to be there to support and care for him/her. Let your child know that you are always there and ready to talk if there is anything that is bothering them. So long as you keep all lines of communication open with your child about daycare, you should expect a smooth and quick transition.

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