Prepare Your Backyard for the Winter

Do you know how to prepare your backyard for the winter?

backyard for winter
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Having a backyard is one of the best things in the world, especially if you’re an outdoorsy type who loves spending as much time in the open as possible. Instead of being stuck in a tiny apartment, you can enjoy the nature around your home, and people who do that are surely much calmer and less stressed out than everyone else.

However, having a backyard also means maintaining it regularly, particularly before the winter, and this is something you simply must do if you want your backyard to prosper in the years to come as well. So, here are a few ways to prepare your backyard for the winter that’s approaching us rapidly.

Give your lawn some love

Covering most of your outdoor space, the lawn can make or break your backyard, and it’s no surprise that so many homeowners are giving the lawns a ton of attention before the winter. After all, our lawns require care all year long, but if they don’t get it before the arrival of the coldest period, they won’t be able to recover in the spring.

Luckily, there’s nothing hard about preparing your lawn for the winter – rake the leaves, remove debris, declutter everything, spike holes in the grass to improve the airflow, fertilise the ground, maintain your compost and protect your lawn against insects. Start doing these things as soon as possible, and your lawn will be able to welcome the winter in the best condition possible.

Protect your deck

Having a backyard is useless if you can’t enjoy it on a daily basis, which is why lots of people opt for building a deck behind their home. This area gives them a sense of freedom and a space where they can enjoy themselves and the company of their friends and family, but it’s another area that requires care before the winter. So, no matter how big your deck is, don’t forget to focus some of your attention on it as well.

Protecting your deck against harsh weather conditions might seem hard at first, but it actually isn’t. First, clean it and remove all existing mould and dirt, then wash everything down with a hose, and finally cover the entire area with a tarp that will protect it against the snow. Of course, if you notice there are some cracks or imperfections in any part of your deck, don’t be afraid to contact a professional who’ll inspect your deck, make sure it’s in top shape, fix anything that’s wrong, and give you advice on how to protect this space in the future.

Control the weeds

This is something all homeowners hate, but they still need to do it if they want to be able to enjoy their backyard in the spring as well.

No matter how meticulous and careful you are, weeds are hard to control, and you have to put in a ton of work into maintaining and removing them. But if you put your mind to it and have a plan, you’ll surely be successful.

In the fall, weeds have a tendency of growing around all your herbs, plants, flowers, bushes and trees, taking away their sunlight and water.

That’s how they get ready for the winter, so this is the time to react by applying compounds or chemicals that kill weeds. If that’s still ineffective, do it yourself, using your own two hands, and you’ll make sure there are no weeds left in your backyard.

Think about the garden

Once you’ve removed the weeds from your backyard and, most importantly, the garden, it’s time to take care of the plants you have growing there. Lots of people find gardening the most calming and enjoyable activity in the world, which is why they’re always looking for new plants to grow and new ways to make their hobby even more successful. But, if you want to be really good at it, you have to prepare your garden for the winter first.

Again, you should first remove all weeds and other unnecessary things from your garden, and then start preparing your soil for spring. Many people plant cover crops as well, especially things like rye and clover that thrive in the winter, and trim their perennials before it’s too late. In the end, they focus on their compost and mulch, making sure their plants are protected against the cold weather and ready to blossom as soon as spring arrives.

As you can see, preparing your backyard for the winter doesn’t require as much work as you initially thought, and it’s all about getting prepared and knowing what you’re doing. Take care of as many things as you can in advance and you’ll be free to enjoy skiing and skating all winter long, knowing that your lawn, your deck and your plants are well protected and ready for the spring.

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