Things to Consider before Buying a Coffee Maker

For many people a cup of coffee in the morning is everything they need to start their day. While for others it’s just a cup of coffee. But everyone wants to have the best coffee maker for best results and a nice cup of coffee.

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This is why it becomes important to think about several things before you get your new coffee machine. A coffee maker having good attributes will remove extra burdens from your shoulders. Things like cleaning, operating, and adjusting different settings will not be a problem, only if you choose the best coffee maker.

Now let’s get towards these important factors. By looking into these things you will definitely get to know what the best coffee machine for your home is and what you need.

For a quick view, these are the 5 important things to consider before getting a new coffee maker.

  1. Capacity
  2. Budget
  3. Brewing Temperature
  4. Extra Features
  5. Ease of Use


First and foremost among the factors for choosing a coffee maker, you need to look into the capacity of a coffee maker. This is important because capacity affects other things like taste and cleaning.

If you are someone who only needs to start the day with a single cup of coffee then a single-serve coffee maker is fine for you. There is no need to go for a coffee maker having a 12-cups capacity. Because then you have to clean the big carafe and you also have to be precise about how much water you need to add to make a perfect cup of coffee.

On the other side, there are multi-cup coffee makers for home, they range from 4 to 12 cups. Such coffee makers best suit a family of 4 – 6 or if you are someone who gets visitors like friends and family quite often.


Next up we have a budget factor. The price of a coffee maker is dependent on the number of features you get. Among these features, one feature is the capacity and it’s most important. The capacity of a coffee maker directly changes the price. And, it is the reason why this factor seconds capacity in our guide. Otherwise, it would have been on the top.

So, once you know your capacity then you can easily get to know what amount is good to spend on a certain coffee maker. Besides, there are good coffee makers brands that always have a higher price but do not fall for it. There are several other good brands that offer almost everything like the big brands but still manages to have a lower price tag.

Now for a nice multi-cup coffee maker that has some special features and is very handy, spending something between 60 to 150 bucks is normal. Additionally, there are some coffee makers that cost way beyond the mentioned range. And, it’s only because they are big brands and yes some of them are worth it.

Brewing temperature

The brewing temperature of a coffee maker is directly related to the taste. If coffee is not brewed at the perfect temperature, it may become too much strong or not strong at all.

If you are someone who really knows about the taste and always wants to have the perfect cup of coffee then you need to look into the brewing temperature of the coffee machine you are about to buy.

196 – 205° F is the optimal brewing temperature for a perfect cup of coffee. And most of the coffee makers have this temperature written on their boxes or descriptions in case you are buying one online. Make sure you know about their brewing temperature.

Extra features

Besides the basic functionality of a coffee maker which is to brew your coffee. There are other features that make your coffee maker handier.

Various brands and models come with unique features. But there are certain features which are most common and people look for them while getting a new coffee machine.

One of the most common features is auto shut-off. It’s a very handy feature. Once you add water and coffee grounds to the machine then you don’t need to worry about when the coffee will be brewed and would be ready to drink. The machine automatically turns off at the right time giving you the perfectly brewed coffee.

The next thing which many people look for nowadays is the programmable clock. Lots of coffee makers come with 24 hours programming options. So you can set a specific time for your coffee maker to start brewing. This feature is specifically helpful in the mornings when you are getting late for work. All you have to do is to set the brewing time in advance and get your coffee ready in the morning while you rush to your office.

Another good feature is the brew-strength control. If a family is using the same coffee maker, the taste and mood of different members may vary. Over here the brew strength controller comes in handy, you can always choose between low, medium or high brewing strength.

Last but not least among the most common special features is auto clean. Certain coffee machines clean themselves from the inside and you only have to do the detailed cleaning once a week or sometimes a month.


coffee maker for home
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Ease of use

Finally, you must check how easy it is to operate and clean the coffee maker you want. Because cleaning and operating may become a problem in some machines.

There can be several coffee makers that make a mess all around while brewing and there are drops of coffee all over while you remove the carafe to pour coffee.

Also, some coffee makers have too many buttons and options, one can easily misunderstand the settings and things may go wrong. And about the cleaning process, some machines are dishwasher safe while others are not. You must look into this factor as well.

So, all the above-mentioned things to consider before buying a coffee maker for home are pretty much the most important factors. Without looking and thinking about one of these may cause you a problem. Make sure you look into these factors for buying a coffee maker and get the best one out there. One that would easily fulfill your needs and make your life a little easy.

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