Kid-Friendly Travel and Family Vacation in Singapore

What are the best kid-friendly tourist destinations and attractions in Singapore you should visit your family vacation?

kid-friendly vacation in Singapore
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Singapore is one of the best family-friendly vacation destinations in the Asian region, and even worldwide. This is because it is rich with great attraction sites that can accommodate all ages, and especially the kids. These attractions are fun and kid-friendly, as they provide safe play areas, eateries, and educational resources that capture the little ones’ curiosity and imaginations. Also, the island city has efficient means of transportation, which makes moving around with kids quite easy, in addition to the country’s low crime rates and its clean and green environment.

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay has striking features that will make the kids very happy. The Super Trees, which are a gigantic metallic structure with vegetation growing on it, are amazing to behold. They get even more interesting to look at when night settles in, as they are transformed into a light show. The Sky-Walk over that is a bridge between two of the tallest Super Trees, which offers a wonderful experience for everyone to get a great view of the park and the city. There are also conservatories, such as the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest Conservatory, that have climate-controlled conditions to grow flower and tropical forests, respectively. Here, the kids can have a great time.


kid-friendly vacation in Singapore
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Singapore Night Safari

One more reason you should make elaborate plans for a trip for you and your family—which entails getting a Singapore visa for each of you, as it is required to get into the country—is to experience the Singapore Night Safari. This is a great attraction for visitors that will certainly excite the kids and give them a rare opportunity to see various animals from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe in natural and spacious environments.

Port of the Lost Wonder

Port of the Lost Wonder is a fun-filled attraction ideally designed for families with small kids. This great place is located in Sentosa right by the beach, and it has tons of play areas for kids, jungle gyms and slides, and a good number of restaurants and shopping places that will also interest the adults. The Port of Lost Wonders also schedules games and activities throughout the whole day, which are not only fun but also educational for kids. They also host their “Bubble Party” during the weekends.

ArsScience Museum

This aptly named center that displays different things brings out the relationship between art and science and is housed in the most striking architectural structure. The museum features some of the most extraordinary and amazing variety of exhibits, comprising great designs and the most sophisticated technology. The kids will no doubt enjoy each minute of their walk around the museum. You may buy tickets for different exhibits that are differently priced or purchase an All-Access ticket.

Botanic Gardens


kid-friendly vacation in Singapore
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The gardens offer a great escape from the noise and busy life in the city center, and they provide an environment with natural serenity in the midst of a myriad of species of trees, flowers, and plants. The kids will enjoy seeing the flowers and trees, and you can also carry some bread so they can have fun feeding the fish. The family can also have a great picnic on the lush, green lawns.

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