Fall Decoration Ideas for a Cozy Family Home

What are the best fall decoration ideas for a cozy family home?

fall decoration ideas for home


During cold autumn days spending a lot of time in the house can be boring if you don’t revive your home decoration. Plain white walls, wooden cupboards and creamed colored leather furniture can be empowered with just one picture, miniature sculpture or colorful pillow, respectively. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home for the fall season to make it as cozy as possible for the whole family.

Green it up

Plants are always a good way to enrich your surroundings. Besides being a valuable source of oxygen, plants give life to any room. Depending on one’s taste, there are varieties to choose from. For those of you who are not keen for watering responsibilities, cacti and agave are some of the best low-water houseplants. If you are not a fan of spikes, orchids and ponytail palms are beautiful examples of drought tolerant plants, as well. For those who wish to experiment, plants such as Chinese money plants, bonsai trees and dragon trees can be very unusual and attractive. If you are more a fan of colorful flowers, there are blooming species like oxalis and kaffir lily that are easy to grow, but bloom with wonderful flowers which provide the room with immense color.


They might not be as good as chandeliers when it comes to lighting up the room, but candles can make up for a beautiful décor peace. Instead of lighting up every room in the house leave some of them on just a couple of candle lights. It’s more energy efficient and romantic, as well. You can also choose from a variety of relaxing scented candles that add to the complete sensory experience. Taking a hot bubble bath with the smell of cinnamon and apple in the air under the candle lights can be a great idea to end a stressful work week. It’s an easy way to make the best of your relaxation time. The only thing you need to care for is putting out the candles and leaving them as far from flammable areas as possible.

Warm colors

With fall changing colors from red through gold and amber to marigold hues, the best way for you to break this color trend is to fill your home with warm-colored details. This does not mean packing your shelves with everything colorful you’ve got. Warm colors should join the colder ones and live in peace with them. So, if your home is mostly plain colored, just a touch of a rainbow color will do the trick. Should your home be already bursting with color, try rearranging them so that you create a fresh new colorful combination. This can easily be done by choosing printed pillows that suit your taste and go well with the rest of the room.  Remember to choose some prints that feature your children’s favorite cartoon characters. They will love it.


fall decoration ideas for home


Arts & crafts

DIY decoration can be fun for the whole family, and you can even make a game for the kids out of it. Some ideas can be for you to buy plain colored picture frames that your kids can decorate, and then use them to display both family pictures and their work in any room. Since Christmas is just around the corner, you can plan a day to make Christmas decoration, and the one who makes the most decorations gets to eat the biggest cake slice. You can experiment with different materials, but make sure that they are safe for children to use. There is a wide open space for creativity that you can make the most of by turning it into a fun evening for your family.

There are other ways to transform your everyday space that consider maybe just a little more physical effort and feng shui research. By moving the furniture around the room, you can get a completely new view of how big the room actually is and think of better ways to use the space you have. Rounded walls with big windows are perfect for installing reading nooks, while dark corners are more suitable for lazy bags and big cozy pillows. Don’t forget to leave just enough space for a low but wide table for game nights. Make your home a place everyone wants to return to and spend as much time as they can.

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