Home Decor Tips: How One Weekend will get you Organized

Home décor tips: how one weekend will get you organized?

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Does the thought of a cluttered home repulse you as much as the thought of decluttering it? Organising can sure be a daunting task when you don’t know how and where to start. To start organising, you first need to declutter. Here’s a simple guide to get your home arranged in just a span of 2 days or less. So pull up your pants and put on that old t-shirt and get to work.

Make a list

List out all the rooms in your house on a piece of paper and designate an appropriate time for each room accordingly. For example, the kid’s room will probably take you more time in organising than let’s say your bathroom. Try and keep an average time of 1-2 hrs per room. So that you can dedicate more time on the rooms that require special attention from the time saved while doing a smaller room.

Keep your supplies handy

Before you jump into the war zone between you and your stuff, make sure you have all the supplies ready near you. You don’t want to be running around in a frenzy in the middle of organising and losing precious cleaning time. Things that you’d want handy while organising is:

  •    A trash bag, for all the discarded stuff.
  •    A large box, for the stuff you plan to donate.
  •    A timer, to keep a track for the time spent in a particular room.
  •    Some markers and labels, to sort the miscellaneous.
  •    A headphone/speaker, who said decluttering has to be boring. Pep it up with some jazzy beats.

Make wise choices

To toss or to store is a difficult decision. Unless you have magical cupboards and a never-ending storeroom, you’ll have to get rid of a lot of stuff, some which are even close to your heart. It would be a good idea to sort it out and keep only the real deal with you. Also ask yourselves a few imp questions like, “Have I used this item in the past year or two?” “Will I need this in the near future?” “Is it broken beyond repair?” etc. to access your situation and toss all the things for which you answered “yes” in the above questions.

Time to organise

Now that you’ve finished decluttering the home, comes the (not-so!) fun part, Organising. Below are a few things that’ll help you with the herculean task:

  •    Labelled Baskets: if you want to avoid the excruciatingly long searches through the house, if you don’t want to spend hours searching for your keys or the crucial emails and the likes, labelled baskets will be your saviour. You won’t have to rummage through heaps of stuff to find your particular item. It will even help you stay organised for longer.
  •    Dividers: To make optimum use of a specific space be it a cabinet or a drawer, dividers work like a charm in organising.
  •    Under-bed storage: You can use the stagnant area under the bed and put it to good use. Use storage bags or plastic boxes to keep seasonal items of clothing, linens which are used very rarely.

Limit your shopping

Don’t give in to your frequent shopping urges. Buy a particular thing only if you really need it and not just because it caught your fancy. Minimalistic living is the new mantra. Less things equals to less clutter. Less clutter equals to more peace of mind and finally more peace of mind equals to more productivity.

Celebrate! You finally have an organized home.

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