Mom’s Guide to Keeping a Convenient and Mess-Free Car

Steering your car clean from dirt and odor while having two kids and a toddler can be a real challenge for a mom. How to keep a convenient and mess-free car?

keep mess-free car
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It’s one of those motherhood situations nobody could’ve prepared you for. But while learning from experience is mostly how most moms roll, taking advice to ease just one bit of the many troubles can go a long way.

It’s important to keep your vehicle clean, especially with children around. And not just when you’re about to go cross-country with the kids. Keeping the car clean is an all-the-time assignment.

To help you save the time mulling over hundreds of pages of car cleaning hacks, take a look at this quick and simple guide to help you remove unwanted elements from your vehicle in no time.

Keep a snack basket

A mom’s life is crazy unpredictable. A whole day doing errands, running from market to store, often necessarily with the baby in tow, is just another day in a mom’s life. Understandably, you’ll likely spend a good amount of time in your car. Sometimes when the schedule is packed, you’d have to run along with your snack. Snack bits fall off the car floor and accumulate into a nasty mess. The last thing you’d want is a detour to the car wash.

To mitigate this likely event, it’s great advice to simply place a handy snack basket for those quick lunches. You may even set aside one or two for your little boys!

An organizer is a must

When you’re a mom, you gradually understand how indispensable baskets and bins can become. And just as they are handy as baby diaper storage or packed lunch baskets are, they can be your chums when it’s time to tidy up.

Organizers can come in various sizes and can store just anything you’d like them to keep from stuffed animal toys to baby bottles. They come with handles too so you can breezily transport things from the car to anywhere else.

Add a layer of protection

Protect your car’s interior from suffering the pretty regular incidences of spills and general ruckus. Helping your little army keep comfy in their seats may also prevent them from getting too finicky while riding.

Add removable custom seats, perhaps place a mat on the car floor for extra foot grip, and make sure the seat belts are snug and secure. Add a layer of protection, not only to keep the car clean but also to keep your little ones safe.

Take advantage of shower caddies

Perhaps, as a mom, you’ve had more than your fair share of fast-food-chain trips just because the youngest decided he wants the “treats” for the 37th time in six weeks! No wonder your car is a familiar dumping ground for flying popcorn and M&M’s wraps.

No worries, a simple shower caddy hack will fix this all-too-familiar problem among moms. Get a shower caddy, even a plastic one that costs only a couple of dollars at the home depot. Simply have them stored up somewhere in your organizer and have them ready for 38th.

Keep a trash bin in the car

One of the most effective, and perhaps logical, ways of keeping your car clean is having a place to readily discard your trash. Any container will do the job—cereal boxes, a grocery bag—or you can just purchase a bin to make sure all the contents don’t pour out from the receptacle.

Keep an emergency kit

Usually, that’s for when the unexpected happens, but because we’re talking to moms, it’s safe to say the next ride from the grocery store. Keep kits that can help you contain the damage after, say, splashed liquid. Among the disaster-responding tools that a mom knows she must stock up on are a blanket, a change of clothing, duct tape, and a few other essentials.

Mom’s the word

Moms are brilliant improvisers and life hackers. These are just some of the best ways moms do to keep the family vehicle mess-free despite the unpredictability of everyday mom life. Feel free to borrow or reinvent and share with fellow moms out there.

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