7 Popular Types of Coffee You Should Know

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most extensively loved food items out there. Here are 7 popular types of coffee you should know.

favorite coffee types
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The massive popularity of this drink is because of the refreshing feel it provides for hours along with the delicious taste that tends to keep you hooked on to it. This article covers 7 of the most popular types of coffee. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


It is one of the most common coffee recipes out there and is known for its strong black nature. An espresso machine, like a Breville, is used to convert dark-roast coffee beans into a delicious cup of coffee that is enjoyed by the people worldwide. You can add a spoonful of sugar to your espresso or can enjoy it just the way it is. It is also worth mentioning that espresso serves as a base for various other recipes like cappuccino.

Bulletproof coffee

This coffee is known for its high-fat content and the satiating feeling it provides for hours. A cup of bulletproof coffee can keep you from feeling hungry for a considerably long time. Thus, it becomes obvious that it is a clear choice for those who want to manage their body weight. Keto dieters are known to consume bulletproof coffee because of the high-fat content in it.

There are various fat options that you can add to your cup of bulletproof coffee. You can learn how to make it here and keep all the ingredients handy.


It is yet another popular form of coffee that can be found widely available across the globe. Espresso is used for its preparation along with steamed milk and milk froth, all taken in equal parts.

It also makes a great dessert option because of the richness in taste. You wouldn’t have a hard time grabbing a cup of cappuccino as most of the coffee shops tend to have at least some form of it. The amount of milk can be customized according to the liking of the user.


It is the diluted version of espresso and is enjoyed as its hot as well as iced coffee. Amount of milk in an Americano should be kept to a minimum in order to attain the best possible taste out of it.

You can also find its special versions in many coffee houses that offer you a rich and creamy taste. You shouldn’t miss this one out as it can be a delicious experience that might change the way you perceive coffee.

Caffe latte

It is highly popular among those who choose to take their coffee with breakfast. In order to prepare Caffe latte, one part of espresso is combined with three parts of steamed milk. A lot of breakfast items like cookies and bread go perfectly well with this coffee recipe. You can prepare your own Caffe latte within minutes and enjoy its delicious taste and refreshing feel.


It is a darker and more concentrated form of espresso because of low water content in it. A ristretto is made using half of the water as compared to an espresso shot. It is extensively praised for its unique taste and rich coffee content. You shouldn’t miss trying this one out whenever you visit a coffee house.


Mocha is also widely popular among coffee lovers and is worth trying. You will find the taste of hot chocolate with the very first sip of mocha. You can customize it according to your own liking and enjoy the taste that suits you the most. A lot of coffee houses have their personalized forms of mocha that can vary from region to region.

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