How to Save Money on Your Family’s Utility Bills

How to save money on your family’s utility bills?

save on utility bills


Running a financially stable household is not an easy task in these uncertain times, especially when you have a couple of hungry kids to feed. Being a 21st-century supermom day in and day out is hard work, and when it comes to managing your family’s finances, the utilities can leave a big dent in your budget. This begs the need to find better ways of making long-term savings and reducing the monthly utilities as much as possible. One of the most costly services is electricity. For this reason, you must do proper research on electric companies to choose an excellent and affordable option. By making sure you’re with a good provider, you will avoid having bill surprises at the end of the month and have better control over your household utility bills. Let’s take a look at how you can make small changes in your home that will pave the road to a more solvent future.

Install double-glazed windows

Throughout the year, your windows either leak valuable heat from your home, failing to keep the interior toasty, or they let in too much heat during the summer, thus failing to reduce your HVAC bills. This needless energy expenditure can inflate your energy bills, so a wise and prudent idea would be to replace your old windows with contemporary double-glazed models that boast excellent insulation and prevent the sun’s heat from penetrating inside.

Upgrade your appliances

The most wasteful areas in every modern home are the kitchen and the bathroom. The appliances you use and the way you use them can waste energy and water resources much more than they should, which is why replacing your old appliances with their contemporary counterparts that boast an Energy Start rating would be a positive step towards long-term savings.

These appliances are not only eco-friendly, but some models even boast smart software that can help you minimize your day-to-day energy and water expenditure. Couple their green configuration with proper use on a daily basis and you will have no problem reducing your utility bills.

Improve your utility connections

One of the biggest problems that drain the household budget without the homeowners even noticing is having poor utility connections. Keep in mind that the people handling your electricity connection should help you minimise energy expenditure while meeting the needs of your family. If you are not satisfied with the costs of the energy expenditure in your household, don’t be afraid to seek out other providers that can give you a better deal and help you save money in the long run.

Insulate your attic

It should come as no surprise that the attic is where most of your home’s heat escapes to, floating in a room nobody ever uses, making your heating system work overtime to compensate for the loss. This is a problem that should not be allowed to persist if you want to reduce your utility bills long-term.

The best way to eliminate this problem altogether is to invest in attic insulation. This is a home improvement project you can complete on your own, plus it’s relatively cheap if you choose fibreglass insulation.

Install low-flox fixtures and toilets

Another crucial room in every home is the bathroom. Between the leaky faucets, the high-pressure showerheads and toilets, and the wasteful appliances running full loads several times a week, cutting back on energy and water use can seem like an insurmountable task.

However, if you install faucet aerators, a low-flow showerhead and a low-flow toilet, you can expect to remedy the problem. These solutions, combined with an eco-friendly washing machine, can help you save several thousand gallons of water in your home on an annual level.

Insulate the water heater and the pipes

Lastly, another prudent solution would be to insulate your water heater and your pipe network in order to prevent heat from dissipating into the unknown and making your water heater work overtime to compensate. Insulating your water jacket can help you reduce heat loss by as much as 45%.

As a modern family, your financial requirements are certainly not low, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t effective ways to lower your bills and make substantial savings on an annual level. Let these small changes help you lower your utility bills and ensure a more solvent future.

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