8 Ways to Look Fit after Childbirth

8 ways to look fit after childbirth.

fit after childbirth
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The period after childbirth might not be as turbulent as the one before it, but that does not mean it is not difficult. As if getting used to the newest member of the family wasn’t hard enough, you have to think about your health as well. Gaining weight is perfectly normal and so is losing it after childbirth. However, this cannot be achieved overnight. It is a process that requires the full support of the family who needs to be aware that being fit is not a caprice of the new mother, but a real health need. Especially important is the support you will receive from your partner. This is not only a physical matter, but also a mental boost after the hardships of labor and delivery. Having secured support, it is finally time to regain control over your body. There are numerous methods to do this, but we have selected the topmost 8 ways to look fit again after childbirth.

Move around

First thing’s first: you have to start moving. Now, this does not imply that you should take up weightlifting as soon after you leave the hospital but plan physical activity. For the first six weeks avoid any stress to the organism, but after that period, you are ready to go. Take notice that this period is longer if you had a Cesarean section. Exercises can be quite simple and easy at the beginning since the greatest challenge is beginning to exercise in the first place. There is too much on the mind of a new mother to think about fitness on top of everything. If you don’t take proper care of yourself, how will you be able to take care of our baby? Ask your partner to take responsibility for the newborn while you work out to get back into shape. Your fitness level will also influence the love relationship of you two as a couple.

Plenty of sleep

Needless to say, you need enough sleep. This is hard because the baby is constantly crying and needs attention 24/7. Sleep deprivation is a common problem in new mothers, but you need to sleep more than an average person. Besides the other benefits, regular sleep cycle contributes to maintaining weight because during sleep the body regulates all its functions.

You are not alone

As stated before, family support is essential to getting back into shape. But sometimes, this form of support alone is not enough, as family and friends cannot fully enter your mindset. Women who can do this are other moms. Not only that, but other moms also need to shape up, so you can start a support club through which you can help one another. For instance, you can organize joint jogging sessions in the morning. Other moms will give you enough motivation to lose all baby weight. You are not alone in your problems and wish to be fit again so use the energy of others to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

Mommy makeover

All the ways we discuss here take time to achieve results, but there is a fast track. “Mommy makeover” is a term used for surgical procedures performed after childbirth so new mothers can regain their old body figure. Areas most commonly treated are the abdomen and breasts which become saggy. According to experts from Panthea Plastic Surgery, breast area is augmented with an implant and the abdomen is amended by a “tummy tuck.” Both procedures are perfectly safe and fall under the domain of reconstructive plastic surgery. If you do not want to wait for months for your body to get back into shape, then this just might be what you were looking for.

No alcohol

A glass of wine a day cannot do any harm but alcohol, in general, is not good. It is full of bad calories and deprived of all nutrients. Most importantly, drinking alcohol adds pounds to your already troublesome weight. This weight especially accumulates around the stomach area where you particularly want to lose weight. Also, sometimes alcohol can pass through your system and into the milk you breastfeed to your child. Children are not that tolerant of alcohol, so best wait for the alcohol to pass through your system before feeding your child. This can take up to two hours.


Regular hydration of the organism is important for every individual. This need only grows in size when it comes to new mothers. Drinking water is linked to a better metabolism which means that you lose weight quickly. A liter of water a day will also reduce appetite, preventing your intake of unhealthy sweets. For women who have just given birth, the lowest amount is two liters a day.

Healthy snacks

You may no longer have cravings as strong as the ones during pregnancy, but mommies still crave for munchies. This can be dangerous as blood sugar levels can violently go up and down. You will start eating literally anything you can get your hands on, most which is junk food. Don’t get us wrong, snacks are ok, but they simply have to be healthy. Vegetables such as carrots, paprika, and celery are more than suitable. Any bread intake should be whole grain and it can be consumed with a chicken or egg salad. Eggs should be hard-boiled to preserve the nutrients and avoid using sunflower oil in the process of preparing them. Instead of milk butter, opt for almond butter which can be eaten with apples if other kinds of fresh fruit. Talking of fruit, shakes and smoothies are what most moms will like, as they can prepare them for babies as well.


If possible, be sure to breastfeed. It is a common fallacy that this adds pounds. The truth is a far cry from it, as breastfeeding provides nutrition, reduces the size of the uterus, improves the general health of the infant, and reduces the risk of disease in the mother, among other things. In the long run, breastfeeding will help you balance your body weight.

First and foremost, you have to be aware and accept that being overweight after childbirth is perfectly normal and you should not be ashamed of it. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t do your best to look fit again.

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