13 Fun Ways to Outfit Your Family Yard

13 fun ways to outfit your family yard.

outfit family yard


Every summer you are probably reminded why a backyard beats an apartment in the city center. But lovely afternoons and evenings outdoors can be even lovelier if the backyard and patio have a warm family touch. There are so many ideas of what you can do to beautify this part of your home – here are some.

Imagine you’re at the beach

One word: sand. Bring a lot of sand and in no time you’ll get an exotic feeling of a holiday far away from home. Add comfortable chairs, maybe a beach ball, and a plate for margaritas. If you live too far inland to dip often enough, this can be a perfect solution for you.

Hang a hammock

You might have had one growing up. Why not do it again? With a good book and a cold juice or iced coffee, it will make lazy weekend afternoons special.

Set up an outdoor movie area

You don’t need much to imitate a public outdoor cinema: just a blank wall, and a projector. Add picnic blankets, throws and pillows, and go wild with the popcorns! Kids will love seeing a movie outdoors, and so will the adults.

Make a swing

You have several options for a good swing, and you’re free to choose the one that goes best with the rest of your backyard. It can be a tire swing, and if you’re feeling super creative, paint it in bold colors or make a drawing of an animal or a favorite cartoon character. An old chair can also be transformed into a swing with some good, sturdy rope. Of course, in case of lack of skills, you can always opt for a real swing seat. As long as it swings!

Make a Sandbox

outfit family yard


Children love sand too – but they won’t be happy just relaxing in the chairs. Build them a sandbox where they can play all day long. Of course, make sure the little ones are secured with good, reliable shade awnings, as you don’t want them to get sunburnt. Plus, building sand castles in the shade is just next level fun.

Twinkle light

They look incredibly gentle and inviting, and that’s why a lot of people use them during outdoor entertaining. But that’s exactly why they should be used more often! Keep them hanging for a while and turn them on in the evening to invite your family outdoors. You can even serve the dinner outside.

Grow a vegetable garden

There are so many benefits in keeping a garden at home – you will know where your food comes from, and it’s a good opportunity for the whole family to work together around the garden. Some kids love gardens too, especially if they can contribute by, for example, choosing fruits and vegetables they love and then tending to them. If your garden space is limited, you can have a raised garden, or even a number of containers. They even make for a good decoration.

Make a backyard chalkboard

All kids like drawing and doodling with chalk. To prevent accidents, and your own nervous breakdowns, install a chalkboard in your backyard, for example, on the fence. The children will have a designated space for drawing, they’ll be safe from cars and the chance a drawing of a cat will end up on your patio wall will be minimized.

Make a treehouse

There are two types of children: those who have a treehouse, and those who wish they had one. Invest some time and build a treehouse – make it as simple or as fancy as you like. (And of course, listen to the kid’s wishes in the process.) This place will play a crucial role in many of the childhood memory, so get onto it asap.

Install hanging chairs

There are so many on the market – metal, plastic, wooden – so again you can choose what best suits your backyard and your habits. Add some cushions and have a lovely time relaxing with your family.

Get a tent

outfit family yard


There’s no reason to miss out on the fun and stargazing if your child is not a scout. Install a tent outdoors and let your child(ren) spend the night. Teach them about constellations, build a little fire together, have marshmallows, and of course, get them extra blankets, because nights tend to be cold outdoors, even in the heat of summer.

Introduce an alternative to a kiddy pool

When your little ones outgrow kiddy pool, or just grow tired of it, you can build a splash pool. It requires little cost and space, but offers a great retreat on a hot day. And we know you won’t be able to resist it from time to time.

Build a bridge

This works perfectly if you already have a pond or a stream in your backyard, but even if you don’t – a tiny bridge is easy to make, and it can entertain your children for hours. For them, crossing a bridge is fun, so let them have fun at home.

When life gives you lemonade, and a backyard, you go make that backyard beautiful for many joyful and relaxing moments to come. And then drink the lemonade.

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