7 Genius Hacks for Kid’s Birthday

What are the best kids’ birthday party decorating hacks?

birthday decorating hacks
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There’s a great chance if you’re here reading this post, you’re probably looking for décor ideas for your kid’s birthday party.

Decorating is not everyone’s forte, but you don’t have to worry about it. I have compiled a list of birthday décor ideas for your child’s birthday party that you and your children are going to like a great deal.

Rainbow colors cécor

A nice theme that you can pull off at your little prince or princess’s birthday party is a rainbow colors idea. The best part about a rainbow-colored décor is that it is not difficult to find the material for it. You can use customized colorful hats and colorful ribbons on the invitations etc.

A bake-it-yourself birthday party

Or you can choose to do a fun activity where you get the kids to bake little cupcakes or make tarts under your supervision. Although I have found that boys like cooking as well, this activity is likely to be more interesting for little girls.

They would have a sense of accomplishment, and they are going to enjoy baking and frosting their birthday cupcakes. You can make this whole affair even more interesting by adding some colored cupcake papers and colorful silicon baking trays etc.

An out-door party

If the weather is pleasant, you can also arrange an outdoor party in the evening – or even in the afternoon. You’re going to need a lot of hanging decorations for this kind of party. If you can find colorful umbrellas in small sizes, you can have them hang on the top and form sort of a roof. For the night, you can hang colorful lanterns, and it would look beautiful.

A party full of candies

Do you remember how kids loved playing Candy Lands? If your child was obsessed with that board game, then you can try and organize a similarly themed birthday event for your kid.

Try a spa party

So if your little girl is turning 12 and you already notice an inclination towards beauty and self-care on her part, then why not arrange a little spa party for your angel? You can make tiny herbal homemade facials, manicure and pedicure sets and throw some petals in water. Voila! There you have it, your perfect spa birthday party arrangement. And don’t forget to add some matcha cupcakes!

Décor with neon letters

If you’re arranging a birthday party in the evening, then you can decorate the space with some neon letters. They glow in the dark and look super cute! And they are cheap as well. You can easily find them here.

Bring some unicorns

If your little one likes the whimsical faery land, you should plan a birthday party with unicorn themes. Just make sure that the desserts table has a lot of sweet treats piled up on it.

You can even have a cake with lots of tiny, fondant unicorns with edible glitter painted on them.

I hope you liked these ideas and I hope they help, have a good week!

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