How to Design a Perfect Home for a Growing Family

How to design a perfect home for a growing family?

home for growing family

Two people who are in love usually have no problem sharing a tiny bed in a tiny apartment, but as soon as the first child arrives into this world, things tend to become a bit more complicated. Fast-forward to a couple more kids, and you find yourself searching for an ideal, capacious family home that can accommodate all the daily needs of your entire team.

And that’s without fighting over the bathroom or bumping into each other in the kitchen. Yes, kids require plenty of free space to play, grow up safely, and just be themselves, which begs the need for the interior to be designed just right. With that in mind, here is how you can design a perfect home for your growing family.

Embrace the open-plan design concept

A poorly designed, the capacious interior can feel like you’re living in a shoebox, much like a small but smartly utilized space can feel like you’re living in a mansion. The key to having enough space in your household for work and play lies in embracing open-plan living from the get-go and utilizing as much space as possible without hindering spaciousness and maneuverability with walls and other obstacles.

By knocking down a wall or two, you can easily extend certain areas and fuse them with other rooms in your home, creating a unified whole that will serve an aesthetic, as well as a functional purpose. This is how the dining room can become a natural extension of the kitchen, and the living room can encompass a grand area for the entire family to enjoy. This way, you will have a big open space that enjoys a unified décor line.

Choose to floor carefully

Arguably, the floors are the first to suffer from the constant thudding and bumping produced by playful children and worried parents chasing them around the house. With children in the picture, your household is bound to become a high-traffic setting, which begs the need to put in durable flooring you can clean easily and maintain throughout the years without investing too much time or money. For this purpose, vinyl flooring is usually best, as it offers durability and aesthetics while being waterproof – perfect for children and their friends to enjoy unadulterated playtime.

Bring form and function together in every room

A family home needs to emanate positivity, love, and unencumbered serenity, but that doesn’t mean that you should forgo function in favor of pure form. In the design world, form always follows function, completes it, and creates a beautiful synergy between the two, so you want to make sure every space serves a distinct purpose.

For instance, the works of home builders AmesCorp testify that the design of a family home needs to encompass the exterior as well as the interior and follow a certain motif that will accommodate all daily needs of a modern family. From the landscape and the backyard where the kids will play on a daily basis to the interior décor that will allow both children and parents to enjoy their living space equally, the key is for the space to please every taste and preference.  

Design focal points people can gather around

home for growing family


There are certain areas in every family home that just radiate warmth and intimacy, or at least they should. As a devoted parent watching your kids grow up surrounded by love and happiness, you don’t want to miss out on those moments of closeness every family should have.

This is why you want to create focal points in your new home that will let people gravitate towards them naturally, such as a grand fireplace in the living room, or a seating area in the same room; a friendly reading nook that can accommodate several people, or a grand kitchen island the whole family can gather around. Places like these will inspire family members to spend time together and create long-lasting memories.

Designing a family home needn’t be a stressful, or taxing chore, provided that you follow a few key steps and listen to experienced voices in the industry. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem designing a home all of your family members will adore.

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