Tips for Moms to Remove Back Pain

Moms, as sturdy and invincible as you may seem to be when taking care of the family, you can be an easy and vulnerable target for back pain. How to eliminate chronic back pain?

eliminate back pain
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From morning house chores to carrying your toddler around, to daily office work and to nightly rituals at home, moms can go through a lot of physical activity day by day that, although may seem like its making you feel stronger than ever, can eventually take its toll.

Back pain is one of the common and initial conditions that moms can experience after a day-long work around the house. Most of the time, it’s nothing serious to be overly concerned about, but it is agreeably annoying and can alter the daily routine of tasks. Sometimes, some tasks may even be left undone, leaving a long list of to-do the next day – hoping your back will feel better.

Don’t let back pain affect your day. Here are effective ways to eliminate chronic back pain.

Start exercising or do yoga

A fit body and strong muscular support is usually a repulsion for physical ailments, including and commonly complained back pains. While you may consider your body fit, you may still lack the physical attributes that can prevent and avoid chronic back pain. You’ve probably heard about how exercise and yoga can help with this, but how exactly does it help?

You may maintain an active lifestyle but proper exercise and yoga are still important to ensure that your body remains sturdy, not only healthy. Exercise and yoga make your body sturdy by enhancing your muscles and ligaments and maintaining their health to prevent from strains. Yoga improves flexibility while exercise increases your endurance – both essential and effective ways to thwart back pains and other common muscle and ligament ailments.

Maintain a healthy weight

Sudden back pain is usually caused by bending, thrusting, twisting the body without the proper and safe procedure. Weight also plays a huge factor in her. Your body, most importantly your spine, carries your weight. This means being lighter or heavier than the healthy body weight suggested for your height and age can affect your balance and spinal functions. This can lead to common back pains.

As weight affects your physique, maintaining a healthy diet can help to attain a good weight and prevent chronic physical ailments. It can also be good to get the most out of food that is good for the bones and muscles – protein and calcium-rich diet.

Using inversion table

Inversion therapy is a kind of back pain management process and one procedure is by using inversion table. An inversion table is a type of bed-like structure where a person lies flat on their back and the table works by suspending the person upside down for several minutes. This is said to be a short-term elimination and management of chronic back pain.

The system of this procedure is, by reversing the gravity effect on the body, the pressure is taken off the spinal column. This process will open up the vertebrae and will improve the oxygen and blood circulation in the spine, thus eliminating back pain. However, specialists state that this procedure may not be for everyone, especially for those with glaucoma or hypertension. Seek professional advice before going through inversion therapy.

Focus on good posture

You probably have heard of this many times since you were young. Proper posture is key to a healthier spine and prevents spinal problems as you grow older. It aligns the joints and bones so that muscles can be used properly and as needed. It decreases ligament stress while holding up the spine, and prevents muscle strain. Good posture is also key to increase blood and oxygen flow in the spinal and back area, preventing common causes of back pains.

With the different tasks you do daily, there are different corresponding postures to follow to ensure that you focus on a good posture. Common posture to take note is while sitting, sit up with a straight back and your buttocks touching the back of the chair. Keep both feet flat and bend the knees in a right angle.

Avoid wearing high-heel footwear

Another good posture to take note of is while standing. Standing straight may seem simple enough, but there are tiny details to follow. Keep your head and chin up, with your chest out and back straightened up. Avoid crossing your arms often as this will affect the upper back muscles.

Keep both of your feet flat on the floor. In this regard, it is advisable to avoid wearing high-heeled footwear because it can improperly pull lower leg and lower back muscles that can cause back pain or even muscle injury. If you prefer wearing heels, the advisable types are wedges where your footwear can evenly support your entire weight.

Lift properly

Household tasks and taking care of your toddlers can involve a lot of lifting and putting down and lifting again. This can seriously strain your back muscles, more than it can affect your arm muscles. You will notice that common back pains can come from lifting heavy objects. This does not mean you should avoid lifting altogether. The secret is to lift the weight properly with correct back support.

Instead of crouching down to pick up a weight, the proper way to lift is to squat down slowly with the back straightened, use arm muscles to lift while getting additional support from the back. This way, you allow arm, back and leg muscles to work together to lift a weight, instead of just leaving it to the back strength to pick it up.

Back pain can be caused by a number of factors and it is important to know what is causing the pain before taking any big action. Normally, back pain may go away from two days to a week when you continue to practice the steps we listed here. Maintenance of these routines can eliminate back pain for a long time. However, if back pain persists and becomes unbearable, it is advised to seek medical advice from a professional.

Stay active and stay healthy. Keep your backs strong, mommas!

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