Great Places to Visit for Fall 2018

What are the best places to visit in the fall in 2018? Here they are.

places to visit in fall
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Fall is without doubt the best season for travelling. The beautiful colors of the trees turning brown and yellow cast a spell on the eyes and make everything feel cozy. The temperatures are just perfect, neither too hot like in the summer nor too cold as in the winter.

In this article, we are going to tell you the best places to visit in the fall in 2018. Happy travelling!


Do you want to know why Germany is one of the best places to visit in the fall? 

There is one word which will explain it all, Oktoberfest! The Munich Oktoberfest has been copied in several other places but nothing comes quite close to it. This mega event draws over 6 million people from all over the world and is famous for its amazing beer.

The Oktoberfest starts from September 19th and goes on till 4th October. It is the world’s largest folk festival and you’ll have plenty to do while passing the time in the fairgrounds. Put on some lederhosen or dirndls and get into the mood of having tons of pretzels, beer and wurst.


places to visit in fall
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Once you’ve had enough of the Oktoberfest, you can visit some of the many other scenic areas in Germany like the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin or the picturesque Cologne Cathedral beside the Rhine.

The Black Forest is one of the best and most visited upland areas in Europe. It is a hiker’s heaven and has many popular spots such as Germany’s oldest ski area located in Todtnau, world class spa facilities in Baden-Baden and the Bad Leibenze resort.

The world famous Museum Island in Berlin and the port of Hamburg are also some destinations which you should visit.


Chile is a great destination to visit during the fall. It is south of the equator and so you will experience the Chilean spring in all its glory with beautiful sights such as the melting snow, majestic animals and amazing flora and fauna. Torres del Paine in Chile has much to offer in the fall and you can see untamed terrain, jagged peaks and some of the largest glaciers in the world. You should go to Chile in the late fall (end of September till November) so that you will get warmer temperatures, longer days and a lot less wind.


places to visit in fall
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Chile promises exciting adventures for those who are explorers at heart. You can even take a cruise along the Chilean coast and sample it’s rich heritage and culture while enjoying the tropical sea. If you visit the Luaca national park, you will find snow capped mountains, shining lakes and isolated hot springs.


Japan is one of the hottest and most coveted tourist destinations and for good reasons. It’s cities are a sight to behold and the amazing Japanese culture attracts many tourists from over the world to experience a slice of the Japanese lifestyle. Not surprisingly, Japan is also one of the best places for viewing autumn foliage. 

From the middle of September to the beginning of December, the deciduous trees in Japan begin to change their color and give the eyes a delightful treat by painting mountains, parks and forests in vibrant hues of golds, yellows, browns, oranges and reds. 


places to visit in fall
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You’ll find that along with you, there are scores of Japanese people flocking together in their perfectly chosen spots to view the autumn leaves and this is called Koyo. You will find that the finest views of autumn leaves are in Kyoto’s temples and Hokkaido’s national parks. You can also visit the Meiji Shrine, Imperial Palace and the many historic museums while in Tokyo.


Fall is the time for one of Mexico’s biggest holidays, the Day of the Dead. This unique festival is about honoring deceased children(1st November) and deceased adults(2nd November). The locals welcome respectful travellers who want to see and experience the traditions observed by them during this time.

Mexico city has the most vibrant of celebrations and provides you with a city full of cemeteries and “comparsas” parades to explore. 


places to visit in fall
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You can also explore the ruins found in Mexico such as the Temple of the Sun which was built in 100 AD and the ruins in Teotihuacan for an exciting time. Chichen Itza is also a very popular destination where you can find the temple pyramid of El Castillo.


Greece is a tourist’s paradise during the fall. Prices go down, crowds lessen and temperatures become warm and cozy. These conditions are perfect for you to go wander the streets of Athens or swim off an island in the Aegean. Wineries, olive groves and tavernas are infused with new life because of the harvests and everything takes on an endearing charm.

You can go on a four hour drive from Athens to Mount Pelion which is supposed to be the home of centaurs. This fairy tale region has it all starting from farms, lush forests, pristine beaches and towns which look as if they come straight from a storybook.

Santorini with its beautiful beaches and volcanic features is a perfect place to spend a day or too.


places to visit in fall
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Oia is famous for its pretty sunsets which seem to be tinted with every shade of an artist’s palette.

These were our top 5 destinations for you to visit in the fall in 2018. We hope you have a great journey and we wish you a good day.

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