Pregnancy Music: 5 Wonderful Effects on Unborn Babies

Pregnancy music: 5 wonderful effects on unborn babies.

pregnancy music for baby


You might have heard about the experiment about plants and music. Classical music had a positive effect on plants while aggressive music with quick beats such as heavy metal, pop, and others had a negative impact. The plants also ‘liked’ jazz.

Well, the same was tested on unborn babies in multiple scientific studies. Pregnant women and soon-to-be-moms were brought in, and they were played calm, relaxing music. The music type also had different effects, similar to how plants reacted. The great news? Pregnancy music does wonders for unborn babies and can help them develop even better, both after birth and later throughout life. Here are five wonderful effects that music can have on unborn babies!

Make your Baby’s Brain More Active

Through the use of scientific equipment that can measure brain waves and activity, scientists have noted that music improves your baby’s brain and makes it more active. Brain waves intensified and gradually got stronger as the music progressed.

This benefit can influence your unborn child for a long time by improving potential memory, cognitive ability, and many others.

Improving the Unborn Baby’s Reflexes

Music isn’t just sounds that awaken certain emotions in people; it’s also sound waves and vibrations. When you play music to your unborn baby, it will ‘detect’ these vibrations and will start to react similarly to how the vibrations act too. What’s surprising is that unborn babies usually follow the rhythm of the music, which has a positive effect on its reflexes.

Try playing a musical instrument as well; if you don’t know how music lessons are there to help. You’ll feel amazing playing some awesome tunes to the baby in your belly!

Improving the Unborn Baby’s Mental Stimulation

Many different reasons can cause mental stimulation, but music is probably the best one. Your unborn child will attempt to understand where these sounds and vibrations are coming from while also trying to follow the rhythm too. This all happens due to the increased mental activity which, in turn, causes your unborn baby to get some extra psychological training and stimulation.

Makes your Child More Intelligent

The combination of extra mental stimulation, mental activity, and other things, is very positive. Scientists have proven over a couple of long studies that babies who had music played to them during their time in the womb exhibit better mental capabilities than those who didn’t listen to music.

This means that, if you play music to your unborn baby through the course of your pregnancy, your baby will be more intelligent. Other factors are contributing to this as well, but they aren’t as powerful as the ones we mentioned already.

Will Shape your Baby’s Overall Personality

This is the only benefit that doesn’t have any medical studies behind it, but some parents have said that certain types of music (which the mother listened to while pregnant) caused their kids to develop unique personalities.

For example, if you were to play loud and aggressive music to your unborn child, it might end up being anxious and aggressive when growing up. Contrary to that, soothing sounds and relaxed music may influence the child, so it grows up calm and thoughtful. It all depends and varies from child to child, but it’s still best if you play some relaxing tunes to your unborn kid; there are no adverse side effects to this. Just remember not to turn up the speakers too loud because that’s not healthy for the child!

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pregnancy music for baby


Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

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