Outdoor Summer Activities Impacted by Mosquitoes

Do you know the most common outdoor activities in the summer affected by mosquitoes?

mosquitoes in summer
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Weather is a major determinant of mosquito’s activities.

One of the most common cold-blooded insects is a mosquito. As a result, they maintain the same body temperature as their environment. This is because they cannot regulate their internal body temperatures.

Since it has been established that mosquitoes activities are temperature based, it is therefore not surprising that weather plays an important factor in determining their activities.

Summer equates mosquito bites

It has been established that mosquitoes prefer warm climates. This is why you see them active once the temperature is above 10 degrees, and they improve once the temperature reaches 26 degrees and above.

Mosquitoes come in different species. The species affects their level of activity. In general, however, most mosquitoes are very active once it is dawn and dusk. A warm evening is s suitable condition for a mosquito to flourish. This is because too much exposure to the sun can make them lose water.

A warm weather makes one susceptible to infection. According to research, mosquitoes that are a carrier for the West Nile Virus can be very dangerous in warm conditions. It is applicable for mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus as well. A warm condition makes it easy for them to spread the virus.

This is because warmer air speeds up the incubation process of this virus, making them transmit faster. Coupled with the fact that they thirst for blood at a warm temperature, there is a high chance of an outbreak

The weather can however also be extreme for mosquitoes (i.e. too hot or too dry.) This explains why mosquitoes are less active in very hot areas. Mosquitoes are however used to severe heat than what is applicable in Canada. Nonetheless, you can battle mosquitos by locating the best mosquito traps.

When do mosquitoes get very active?

While mosquitoes are always active, they could get very active. This happens at dusk, dawn or nighttime. It is hard for mosquitoes to hunt during the day like they do at night. This is because they try to avoid being dehydrated by the hot summer sun. However, mosquitoes could go on a hunt when the sun is not scorching. During this period, they have the tendency to hunt for long and travel farther from their dark, humid spot.

It is important to note the fact that you cannot see mosquitoes does not make them inactive. As long as mosquitoes can stay hydrated, they will hunt every hour of the day. If you chose a shady lake, swarm or forest area to rest, be prepared for an army of mosquitoes irrespective of the time.

Summer activities in the outdoors affected by mosquitoes


What a fun way to stay in touch with nature and learn new things. How beautiful it is to enjoy the cool breeze of a river when a boat all by yourself! And going with a guided tour will remove the fear of getting bored, lost or stuck. Asides, the tour guide could show you interesting geographical features or wild animals around. Hence, your journey is worth the effort, looking past the strain in your arm.

Farm Volunteering

This is a recommended option if you would love to get in touch with nature. It is especially suited for people that are based in the city as it provides an avenue to learn about the source of the food you eat. Asides this, it helps people in that category learn about the work and amount of care that revolves around our source of meal. It is also an avenue to do something weird you are probably not used to, for instance, milking a cow. Skills and knowledge are developed via trying new things and farming could be very rewarding. This is often impacted by mosquitos as a result of the environment.


Hiking is one of the most versatile ways to get around during summer. Many mountain destinations are laden with a lot of hiking trails. It can be a simple stroll or an all-day event. Going with a lot of sunscreens will be handy while you pack a picnic for the stroll. If you decide to go through Mammoth Mountain, Banff, heavenly, Telluride, Jackson Hole or Aspen Snowmass, it is important to check the hiking trail.

Mountain Biking

One of the most popular and fun summer outdoor activity is mountain biking. A lot of ski resorts have traveled and left miles of trails that go deep into the woods and mountains, with some bike parks, the best in the country. Also, there are coaching and clinic services for beginners on most mountains. If you want to bike this summer, consider Big Sky, Killington, Sun Valley, Winter Park, Breckenridge or Aspen


This is an activity that can help you let go of stress. This is a very effective way to let go of the stress of your day to day activities and appreciate the natural life around you. From the gorgeous water wall to the canopy and pattern formed by the forest tree, this trip is bound to make you forget the stress of your daily life.

Asides relaxing, you get to try out activities and great food. You could swim and have a campfire, make your dinner right there in the open etc, camping, in short, has a lot of fun to offer. In deciding where to pitch your tent, consider the activity that pleases you – it could be floating on a river or strolling in the woods!

Effective ways of preventing mosquito bites

mosquitoes in summer
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Below are a few ways to prevent mosquito bites while engaging in outdoor activities.

  • Stay away from mosquito Hotspots – One way you can avert mosquito bites while you engage in summer activities is to ensure you check if your chosen locations are known for mosquito activities and if there is prevalence of mosquito borne diseases. A simple search on google will allow you see which areas are the hotspot for diseases.
  • Put on light colored clothes – a fact that is not well known is that dark colors attract mosquitoes. This is believed to be as a result of the contrast offered by dark colors against the horizon in dusk when mosquito activity is higher. Putting on a color of cloth  that is lightly colored is a great way to prevent mosquito bites
  • Make use of insect repellents – when it has to do with preventing mosquito bites, a great insect repellent can be of great help. This is because it is one of the most efficient solutions. You can purchase these repellents from your local pharmacy or supermarket and apply it to any of the exposed regions of the skin. It is a great idea to utilize the insect repellent before you leave your apartment or hotel.

Other methods consist of:

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