How to Design a Practical Large Family Bathroom

How to design a practical large family bathroom?

practical family bathroom


When it comes to a large family bathroom where everyone will be fighting for the shower and the entire family will have to get ready for the challenges of the day, it is imperative to design the room with form and function in mind. Sure, a beautifully-decorated bathroom is what everyone wants, but will focusing solely on form be able to meet your present and future needs as a family? Let’s delve deeper into the subject and give you the know-how on decorating a practical as well as aesthetic bathroom the entire family will love.

Declutter and organise

First things first, it’s important to keep in mind that there can rarely be function without organisation. Keeping the bathroom clean, organised, and clutter-free is the first essential step towards a practical and beautiful design, so make sure you tidy up the place first if you’re redecorating.

On the other hand, if you’re building a new family bathroom, it’s important to make a plan detailing where everything is supposed to go before you move on to the next stage in the project.

Introduce plenty of smart storage

No matter the size of the bathroom or the size of your family, there never seems to be enough storage to accommodate all of your daily needs. So naturally, it’s important to plan your storage scheme well in advance, making sure you take into account your long-term plans (in case another bundle of joy is on the way) as well.

Regardless of the capaciousness of the room, you want to introduce smart storage solutions wherever you can to save space for other amenities and accessories down the road. So consider floating shelves on the walls, freestanding cabinetry as well as vertical storage on the door with corner storage to boot.

Scale your hot water system properly

Another major problem homeowners regularly encounter is the lack of hot water throughout the day. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, you couldn’t have possibly prepared yourself for the amount of energy and water your little munchkins would be consuming on a daily basis.

However, this is your chance to prevent such a problem down the road by scaling your hot water system early on with the help of a professional. For example, this Canberra-based expert for hot water systems can not only help you determine the best setup for your needs, but they will also provide you with proper maintenance and repair services should anything go awry. Remember, scaling your hot water system now will prevent costly complications tomorrow.

Childproof the entire bathroom

It should go without saying that the bathroom can be a dangerous place for children and pets, for that matter, which is why childproofing the entire room and creating a safe space they can enjoy on a daily basis (even without supervision) will be essential.

So be sure to keep medicine as well as all cleaning supplies under lock and key to prevent the kids from snooping around too much, and consider placing anti-skid mats on the floor, in the bathtub and in the shower as well. If you want to be extra careful, go ahead and cover up all sharp corners as well.

Determine the perfect layout

practical family bathroom


Finally, the practicality of the room will greatly depend on the layout, so there is a need to determine the best arrangement of the bathroom amenities for your daily needs. For a large family, the ideal layout will provide every feature you might need, including a bathtub, a shower, a double-sink vanity, a bidet and plenty of storage without hindering spaciousness and manoeuvrability.

Designing a bathroom for a large family is definitely not a walk in the park, as the process does require careful planning and strategizing that will allow a functional and aesthetic space to come to life. Nevertheless, by following these design tips you will have no problem building a dream bathroom the entire family will love.

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