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As women our beauty bags need to be as ready as we are for a traveling vacation.

beauty essentials

As women we are always on the go, and our travels tend to sneak up on us even after thorough planning in advance. Having the beauty essentials, you need while traveling will make for an ease and comfort to enjoy your trip to the max.

Beauty products can tend to weigh on the heavy side, packing travel sized items will aid in this problem. You want to stay looking and feeling great while you are essentially living out of your suitcase for your travels. Below are beauty essentials that will complete any travel bag!

Makeup Bag

The most essential piece for your travels is your makeup bag. Choose a makeup bag that is a solid color or has a trendy design printed on it. A medium to large sized makeup bag is ideal to switch between purses or backpacks on your trip. Having a bag that has a clutch look to it can easily be transitioned to carry for a night out.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I mean can we really travel without these two? No, but choosing a mini clear bottle from your local superstore is key to downsizing for travel. While some brands manufacture mini or travel sized bottles, some do not. Take the clear travel sized bottles you have found and fill them with your own products that you love. This will make more room in your bag for other beauty products and provides just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner you need for your travels.

Moisturizer/Hydration Cream

Airplane air conditioning, afternoon sunning, and long days of exploring can leave your skin dry and dying for you to give it some moisture. You want your skin to look and feel rested and healthy during your trip, just as you would want it at home. Luckily, moisturizers come in small bottles or containers for easy travel purposes. Also, don’t forget your favorite hand creams and lotions as well, find a travel size to care for your skin.

Facial Cleanser

Along with your moisturizer, make sure to pack you best facial cleanser. You will be exposed to different elements than on your normal day, so morning and night face-time is important to keep your skin glowing and ready for adventure. Most beauty or makeup stores provide small bottles of toners, cleansers, and scrubs that you can easily pack!


Now the hygiene category includes your toothbrush, toothpaste, and your bath essentials. Go grab the travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste from your supermarket for the ultimate downsizing option. I prefer to take my own soap, for the hotel provided soaps tend to dry your skin out. They key to this is another clear travel bottle to fill with your favorite body wash or thee travel-sized soap dish to take your beauty bar wherever you go.


Now that you have packed your hygiene essentials, it’s time for deciding which makeup pieces are best to travel with. Mascara, concealer, translucent powder, and a nude lip color are my go-tos for any trip. A pop of the eye, concealing those annoying blemishes, a touch of powder for a glowing look, and a lip color that can transition from day to night will make for ease and beauty as you travel.

While this list can be tweaked per your preferences, these beauty travel essentials will be sure to add the size-conscious problem and comfort that you need for your trip!

By Hannah Moses a contributing author for Bold Expressions, Inc.

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Hannah Moses is a small-town Mississippi girl, exploring her new city in Memphis, TN. She is a digital marketer who graduated from The University of Mississippi, so her hello greeting sounds more like “Hotty Toddy!” She enjoys weekend trips, wine tastings, and concerts in the city.

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