7 Key Attributes of a Quality and Safe Hoverboard

How to chosse a quality and safe hoverboard?

safe and quality hoverboard
photo: pixabay

If you got kids, then chances are – you know what hoverboards are. And if you know what hoverboards are, you probably heard that they go on fire, get recalled and damage private property as a result.

But are all hoverboards (aka self-balancing scooters) that bad? After all, they are an outside activity and that should bring a lot of benefits.

I first got into this entire “boarding” theme after watching Back to the Future 2… I dreamed to be Marty McFly flying around on his REAL thing in the movie… fast forward to 2018. Up to today I tried and tested more than 50 hoverboards and found safety to be the biggest problem.

If ever plan to buy this device for yourself or as a gift, then you need to remember about these 3 things.

First, always check that the device is UL 2272 compliant. It’s a special standard designed exclusively for hoverboards and basically indicates that all electric parts of the board are in check.

Second, make sure that the charger is UL 60950 compliant (the charger is a separate thing and that’s why they needed a separate standard).

Third, very important – check for recalls at www.cpsc.com.

Any recalls are recorded by Consumer Product Safety Commission and if your device is on the list, stop using it immediately (or just don’t buy it, to begin with). For more information read this hoverboard buying guide and check out the infographic below.


safe and quality hoverboard

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