How You Can Celebrate Your 40th Birthday on a Cruise Trip

5 ways how you can celebrate your 40th birthday on a cruise trip.

birthday on a cruise trip
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Doesn’t the idea of celebrating your 40th birthday on a cruise excite you?

Victor Hugo once said,

Forty is the old age of youth and fifty is the youth of old age.

Now that you’re entering a new phase of life, you should celebrate your birthday in a memorable way. And nothing beats the fun of going on a cruise trip for your birthday celebrations.

You may wonder where you can find a cruise company that facilitates you to book a trip without any hassles. But don’t worry, we have you covered. At, you can easily hire a boat for a private birthday party or go on a cruise trip with your family and friends.

Here are some creative ideas to help you enjoy your birthday party to the fullest:

Invite Your Friends

During the younger years, you may prefer travelling on your own. But as you grow older, the idea of going on a cruise trip with your family or friends must be more exciting for you. You can meet your old friends and cherish the memories of your younger years.

This way, not only can you make the trip more enjoyable, but also save cut down on expenses by availing group discounts.

Order a Birthday Dinner

It’s a common tradition for many people to enjoy their birthdays with a delicious birthday dinner. While on a cruise, you may worry how you can plan your birthday dinner, but there’s nothing to worry about.

Cruise companies have contacts with many top restaurants. They can prepare dinner meals as per your preferences. Many restaurants offer menus that have everything from Asian and Italian to French and Continental cuisine options.

Don’t Forget Your Cake!

Birthday celebrations are incomplete without a birthday cake. When you book a cruise trip for your 40th birthday celebrations, you can ask them whether they provide with a birthday cake. Chances are the staff will prepare it on your birthday and help you make your birthday memorable for you.

Book Adventurous Activities

You don’t necessarily need to spend your entire day on the cruise, talking to your friends. You can also book some adventurous activities to kick off the new phase of your life.

Think of adventurous activities you have never tried before. You may want to go skydiving, zip lining, rafting, paragliding or surfing. Now is the time to enjoy such adventurous yet fun activities!

Many cruise companies offer customers to choose activities they want to enjoy during the length of the trip at discounted rates. You can enjoy these activities along with your friends to make your birthday celebrations unforgettable.

Book a Spa Treatment

If you don’t normally go for spa treatments, your birthday cruise trip is the right time to get an appointment. A massage will refresh you and enjoy your birthday celebrations without getting tired.

You may want to spend your entire savings on your 40th birthday bash, but keep in mind that your savings will cover your expenses after retirement.  You can book a cruise trip to enjoy your birthday without breaking the bank.

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