How To Make A Kid-Friendly Fairy Garden

How to make a kid-friendly fairy garden?

fairy garden for kids
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If you are here, reading this article then that means you are looking for some recreational activity that certainly your kids can do. By the title, you have already guessed that I am about to tell you about the fairy garden idea. Yes, you are right. Today after the trend of ornamental aquariums, fairy gardening is trending.

A fairy garden is nothing but the creation of a piece of art from your magical imaginations. In a fairy garden or a pixie garden, the accessories used are so adorable because of the miniature size. Like if I talk about the miniature chairs and tables or a miniature hut with small plants planted beside it and a tiny fence guarding the plants. Sounds so adorable. Besides, you can add the statue of your favorite fairy tale character in your fairy garden. If you are doing this for your kids then it should be a kid-friendly one. With friendly, I meant that the garden should be built based on your kid’s favorite fairy tale character. It can be a fairy garden based on Cinderella, Rapunzel or Alice in Wonderland.

There are a lot of fairies gardening ideas out there if you can’t decide from where to start. Like on the internet you can find indoor and outdoor fairy garden ideas in tons as you know today this fairy garden building is soaring. Probably this trend has originated in America and then slowly caught the interest of people in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Thanks to such popularity, because now if you are someone residing in one of these countries then you don’t have to think about “where will find all such accessories under one roof?” There are dedicated stores out there for such kind of interesting activity where you will get all your desired accessories under one roof. On top of that these kind of stores also do sell some readymade fairy gardens that will grab your attention at first sight.

But if you wish to learn how a fairy garden is built then forget about the ready-made fairy gardens, because they won’t be of much help to you. You need to learn how a fairy garden can be made from zero so that you can tell your kids about it and also guide them when they are making one for themselves. So without any more talks, let me show you how you can build a kid-friendly fairy garden from zero.

Supplies you will need:

  • A pair of gloves and a goggle (for safety)
  • Broken Terracotta pots (if broken pots are unavailable then you might need to willingly break some)
  • small and medium-sized Gravel
  • Pixie plants
  • Fairy accessories
  • Potting Soil

Hers is what you need to do:

  • First of all, if you do not have a broken pot in your home or backyard then you need to break a 12-inch terracotta pot by drawing a zig-zag region with a pencil. Then take a screwdriver and a hammer and slowly tap into the drawn lines. Be careful as the broken edges are very sharp, might injure you.
  • Now start working with the broken pieces, don’t worry if the pieces don’t fit at first. You might need to break bits from the pieces in order to fit them.
  • Use the potting soil to stabilize the pieces.  
  • Start adding the miniature plants (succulents or other plants of your choice)
  • Add fairy house (place a mound of soil in back to position it firmly)
  • Place a mini staircase for the fairies to climb.
  • On top of the fairy house, you can place your favorite fairy statue.


If the weather is too harsh outside then it would be better to move your precious fairy garden indoors. This step may save your darling little plants.

Place the fairy garden on a window sill where indirect sunlight is available.

Place an 18-inch saucer underneath before watering in.

Water carefully (try to water at the base of the plants rather than on the top)

That was the basic of building a fairy garden. All the fairy garden is built upon this basic structure with variations on top. Below are some more fairy gardening ideas both indoor and outdoor. Hope you can build one and surprise your kid.


fairy gardens for kids
photo: pixabay

Outdoor fairy garden with bird-feeder

As you can see this is a landscape fairy garden. This garden is built in the backyard where I do not have to worry about the space. I can build as much as I can which is not possible If I am making a fairy garden in a container. In such type of projects, it is very important to consider the outside environment as I mentioned earlier. This fairy garden was made during the spring season.

In this fairy garden, you won’t need many accessories. You just need a small house, a bird-feeder, some pebbles, a couple of birds and little circular pieces of woods. Place the house on a grassy area with some sweet flowering plant in front. Now place a bird-feeder with the birds in it. Make a walkway by putting the pebbles in front of the door of the house. Place a piece of fake grass on top of the house as the roof. You can also make this garden with your own variation.

Fairy gardening in the woods

This fairy garden is very simple to make and takes a very little time. All you need is an old wooden plank, a gnome door, a small bridge and some gravels.

Place the gnome door in the centre position of the plank and secure it with an adhesive. Now remove some mud from the front in a horizontal manner so that it represents a dry stream of water. Fill the area with gravel and place the mini bridge on top. Put some ferns around the door and a small window above it. If you want you can add more intricate details.

Fairy garden at night

Probably you have seen most of the fairy gardens during daytime but here this fairy garden is for the night. All you need to add is some string lights to a regular fairy garden.

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