What is Considered as an Eco Toy?

What is considered as an eco toy?

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Toys are probably the best way to keep your children busy in a harmless activity while you carry out your household chores. They have been around for centuries but the innovation and uniqueness in these products is increasing day by day.

Although most of the toys are produced from plastic, a positive change towards environmental friendly materials is imminent soon. Parents wish to buy toys made from simple materials with a classic design that are durable. Responding to their desires, small manufacturers are mainly focusing on luxurious and eco toys.

Environmental friendly toys (also known as eco toys) are becoming a major part of children’s collection. New businesses and startups are actively integrating the circular economy principles in their processes. These players are involved in the production of toys from recycled plastic milk bottles, sawdust, and straw.

Before taking a deeper look into the definition of eco toys, we will tell you about an exciting game for your kid.

A Game Worth Playing

The “Fishy Fishing” is one of the best eco toys that is worth considering for your toddler. While bathing your kid, engage him in a fun activity by playing this game. By using the wooden rod, encourage your child to catch the rubber fish. This game is suitable for kids aged 2 years or more.

You can get this wonderful game and other GoodToPlay eco toys from their online store.

Eco Toys

Eco toys are those kinds of toys for children that do not pose a threat to the environment. That means that they are made up of recycled and organic materials.

The plastic tsunami on Australian coastline and beaches is making it difficult for people to live near those areas. Every day the beaches are covered with more and more rubbish that should actually be dumped somewhere else in order to be recycled and processed.

The harsh reality of today’s society is not many people bother about the increasing pollution. The locals only take steps when all the rubbish starts interfering with their daily lives.

The manufacturers of eco toys want to limit this pollution to bring a drastic yet positive change for the upcoming generation and provide a sustainable environment for the future. They can only do so by taking a small step of producing environmental friendly toys which are made up from recycled materials.

In this way they are improving the society in two ways. First of all they are reducing the amount of waste that is disposed off without being treated.

Secondly, they are reducing the amount of resources required to gather materials to produce toys. Taking an intelligent approach, they are recycling the thrown products and using them to make new toys.

The Australian government should encourage start-ups and businesses that are involved in reducing waste by manufacturing eco toys from recycled materials in order to control pollution.

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