3 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

How to display your favorite travel photos?

display travel photos
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Traveling is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself or anyone else. Not only is it a growing experience, whether good or bad, but the memories last forever! What’s more, you get some excellent pictures out of the whole deal.

When you do have several photos of the beach; the mountains; and some awesome landscapes, it’ll be a shame to hide them away in drawers or photo albums. Then again, there might be too many for the traditional picture frame method. Luckily, there are a lot of creative ideas that can make your travel photos stand out and tell their story.

Read on for just a few of these:

Travel Photos Against A Backdrop

Who says that a backdrop is only for capturing photos at parties and graduations? You can easily create a permanent backdrop to show off your travel photos to the max! This display will be eye-catching and useful at the same time since all your photos could be together in the same place.

If you wish, you can even separate the photos of different trips into different backdrops. For instance, you can put photos of the luxurious beaches you’ve visited against a backdrop of sun and sand. If they’re not showing up this way, consider a backdrop of shells.

Alternatively, you may consider a somewhat neutral yet stunning backdrop for all your travel photos, such as a backdrop with sequins or glitter. Check out this beautiful sequin backdrop by Denny Manufacturing and see if it’s the perfect solution to your photo display needs!

A glittery, sequined, or even matte background will lift up any photo and give it that extra oomph. You can have the backdrop as loud or as sober as you wish, according to your home décor.

Photo Canvases

display travel photos
photo: pixabay

Photo canvases are usually inexpensive and easy to obtain. Having a few of them in strategic places around your home can perk things up even in the dingiest corners! If you have some natural landscapes lying around from your travels, give them a new life by pinning or wrapping them around a canvas. You may have to get them enlarged at first, but the effect will be worth it.

Don’t just settle for the photo, either. Make the whole display give a rustic or elegant look by joining the canvas with an engraved plank documenting some details. These could include the dates, location, or just a title for the travel photo itself.

Picture Lights

If a string of fairy lights looks gorgeous in a room, imagine how beautiful your artsy travel photos would look when hung with illuminated clips! That’s right; now you can easily get some clear pegs on a strand that are embedded with LED bulbs to hang your photos on. These usually come with a battery box or a power cord so you can light up your display the whole day long.

A string of illuminated photos gives a dreamy, magical, and even romantic effect to your travel photos. This way, you can have them lit up with an extra layer of depth.

They may stay strung up all around the walls of your bedroom or cover a smaller area on your entrance wall. Whichever way you choose, this display method is sure to be a great hit!

As an added bonus, these illuminated pegs could even be used to hold other mementos of your travels as long as they’re not too heavy. You can hang a piece of seaweed, notes, memos, poems, and even some artwork to blend in with your photos. Let your imagination run wild so that your memories always stay fresh.

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