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Do you know how to take good care of kids small teeth?

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The teeth that kids have are more prone to cavities than adult teeth. This is because of the difference in the internal structural organization and also the amount of mineralized content within the tooth. These teeth are temporary and are replaced by permanent teeth after a while. A few of the most important tips are listed below:

Avoid sugary food

Kids are mostly attracted to something that tastes sweet. They saver it more especially if it is sticky. This has its associated problems. The bacteria in the mouth rely on these carbohydrates to gain nutrition and multiply and produce acids, which can destroy the calcified structure of the teeth due to demineralization. Once the demineralization becomes more widespread, it leads to the gross decay of the tooth, and the infection may spread to its permanent successor.

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Get regular Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium forms an integral part of your tooth structure. Vitamin D also contributes to its strength along with fortifying the jawbone that holds the tooth in place. Having them in the body in adequate amount is very important. Therefore, nutritional intake in the form of milk, broccoli, cheese, dairy products and other green leafy vegetables is important to meet the needs of the body and teeth. A regular dose of calcium and vitamins is thus very significant.

Watch what your children put in their mouth

Children tend to put almost everything in their mouth, almost involuntarily, mostly out of curiosity. Sometimes, these substances may be harmful to the teeth, especially the delicate temporary ones. You should keep a watch on what your child is eating. If there is too much intake of chocolates and sweets, especially the sticky one, the problems are only going to aggravate. So, keep a tab and regulate your child’s eating habit.

Brush and floss twice a day

Brushing is a basic hygienic procedure that everyone follows and so should kids. It removes whatever deposits and debris are accumulated on the tooth surface. The slightly cumbersome area to clean is in between tooth surfaces, and it can also be ably done with the use of floss. Interdental cleaning is as important as normal brushing, especially for kids who have spaces between teeth to accommodate the larger permanent ones and are prone to more food lodging. Therefore, brushing along with flossing is very rudimentary and essential, twice a day. Proper brushing technique for kids slightly differs from adults in being more rounds in motion and a soft toothbrush should be used.

Drink lots of water

Water not only rehydrates the body but also washes away any food debris that may be stuck to the surface or nook of the teeth and prevent their impaction in the gums which subsequently causes gum infections and dental caries. Therefore, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is beneficial for the teeth as well.

Make sure your child does not sleep with a pacifier in the mouth

One common mistake that many parents do is to let the child sleep with a pacifier as they think that their kid is dependent on it to fall asleep. It does more harm than good. An overnight sweet pacifier causes intense decay of the teeth, especially the lower front ones and sometimes it leads to the destruction of almost all the teeth in the oral cavity. Therefore, sleeping with a pacifier is a big no-no.

See a dentist every six months

However much precautions you take, there are chances that your child will develop some cavity or infection. Intervention at an initial stage is going to be beneficial and will prevent unnecessary complications in the future. Thu, visit a dentist with your child for every six months for one general check-up so that if any problem seems to be arising, immediate steps can be taken. A dentist can motivate a child to maintain better oral hygiene as well.

The importance of saving a kid’s teeth from decay and cavity has been described in this article, and hopefully, it will motivate you to follow the instructions and do what is best for your children.

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