How to Choose Crib Mattress?

What to look for when buying crib mattress for your baby?

crib mattress
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A newborn spends most of his time sleeping, so why not making it comfortable and relaxing for your little one? Several studies have suggested that babies who get enough sleep don’t tend to get super cranky and one of the reasons behind their lack of sleep could be an uncomfortable place of sleep. If you are wondering where you can find the perfect baby crib mattress, then look no further. In today’s post, we are going to enlist some important points you should definitely take into consideration while searching for a good baby crib mattress. Keep reading to find out!

Safety Standards

When babies are very small, they don’t understand what is good for them and what isn’t. Therefore, you should go for a crib that meets all standards of safety. Here, you should consider the size and space, the headboards, foot and ensure that there are no dangerous corners that can end up hurting your baby.

Material type

The second thing that matters a lot is the type of material that is being used. You should check for the different types of materials that are used for manufacturing. They are generally not harmful to kids, especially since the side rails can be used to preparing stuff made with great material. Even if they have good material, your baby can put them in their mouth and it won’t matter.

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Try to go for a design that is plain and simple. You can go for a crib that has curved edges. There are some with sharp edges too. They might have a few corners that are protruding so you have to look at the design properly before deciding on a final one. The simplest of cribs will also reduce your burden of the various screws and hinges.

Good Brands

Next, make sure that you are going for something that has a great brand. This will ensure the safety of your baby and it won’t compromise with the quality either. There are various brands in the market that are good, reputable and what not. You may also go online, read some reviews and get the best out of it at the same time.

Get an eco-friendly crib mattress

Eco-friendly crib mattress has certainly become a thing these days. Most parents try to go organic as much as possible since they give you a lot more benefits that average ones. Although they can be a tad bit expensive, we would definitely suggest you take a look at some online before picking the right one. Online websites have also started to offer eco-friendly crib mattress that are affordable. You can pick one today!


A high price tag in no way means that something is one of better quality. Often, you get paid for getting some extra features that don’t even matter to you so much. A few manufacturers tend to create extra features that most crib mattresses don’t have, but the point is whether you need it or not. The lower-priced mattresses won’t have many features but they sure will have stuff that is safe and sound to use.

Organic Content

Organic mattresses are comfortable for your baby in so many ways. When you start shopping, you will notice is that they don’t contain plastic or steel. Plus, they have organic covers and cushioning that will give you a peace of mind and what not. Organic mattresses have firmer material that is good for your baby as it gives them a lot more extra protection than average materials do.

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crib mattress
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Should you go for second hand mattresses?

Buying a new crib mattress is a far better thing to do instead of simply buying a second hand one. If you buy something that is used or accepts a second hand one, you won’t know how it has been cared for or stored. Molds can grow in a few improperly stored crib mattresses that can cause liquids to surface on top. Buy a new one, keep it clean and let it dry in a safe environment. If you have these things sorted, you really won’t need anything else.

Just like a car seat, it is important to keep your baby safe when they are sleeping. The sleeping place of your little one can really help your little one sleep on time and wake up on time too. Buying a good baby crib mattress in that way can be extremely helpful. We hope you have enjoyed reading the points we have mentioned. It can help you a lot and find great results too. On that note, good luck and make sure to take these points into serious consideration before finding a good crib mattress for the youngest member of your family.

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