7 Tips To Go Camping With Kids In Rainy Seasons

7 tips to go camping with kids in rainy seasons.

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Checking the weather forecast is what we normally do as one of the first steps to prepare for our trip. Still, the weather can change, and in case you have your small people going with you, camping in the rain with your kid can be an exhausting experience.

Thus, getting yourself ready for the rain and your playful kids during the trip is essential. Camping in the rain with your children can be fun with these tips. So here are 7 tips to go camping with kids in rainy seasons that you should know to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

1. Choose the right campsite

Camping in the rain requires more attention and observation to select the best area to set up the tent. Notice the direction of the draining water and choose a high spot so that your tent can get away with the runoffs and puddles.

As you complete the setup for your tent, open the vents to keep the air well circulating inside. In areas that may have sudden floods, make sure your place stay out of the rushing streams and canyons.

2. Prepare proper rain gear

Check your gears carefully before you go. Specifically, your tent must have a proper water rating to keep it safe in the rainy seasons. Also, you may need to have some extra shelters such as tarps and poles, towels to wipe your tent, dustpan, and brush to keep the surroundings clean.

Hot foods also make the experience more relaxing. There is nothing as satisfying as hot cocoa or smoking foods in the cold rainy days. However, do all the prep works at home so that you can save your time and effort cooking in the rain.

3. Let the kids play outdoors

Camping in the rain can actually be a lot of fun when you let your kids embrace it. Even though many people may look for the tips to keep their children inside, letting them get wet is sometimes the best way for them to enjoy the rain.

Getting wet is actually not as harmful to the children’s health as adults. Get them ready with the raincoat, rain poncho, or umbrella and they will not bother you with the grumpy face.

4. Keep them busy indoors

This tip may be contradictory to the previous one. Still, it can be helpful for those with children do not enjoy playing outside. There are so many things you can use to keep your children enjoy their time inside the tents.

Coloring books, card games, word searches, hidden pictures, maze books, comics are some examples. Camping in the rain is also a good time for the stories. Stories about your lives, memories with your children will make them feel special and more connected with the family.

5. Prepare waterproof clothes

Waterproof trousers, jackets, and wellies will keep you warm and dry during the rainy seasons. Besides preparing the waterproof items, make sure you can put on many layers of clothes to regulate your body temperature.

Cotton is thus not a good choice because it takes a long time to dry and it can lower your body temperature. Instead, choose polyester and wood under the waterproof clothes, they are much better at maintaining the body heat.

6. Take care of your tent

If you are worried about the cold and wet sleeping place, bring an extra groundsheet. Also, make sure the vents are of high quality to provide enough air inside the tent.

You can treat your tent with reproofing spray to restore water resistance and reduce the dirt building upon its surface. Microfiber towels are very compact, have some of them in your pack to dry off your stuff when in need.  

7. Light up the night

Lights around and inside the tent will help a lot in giving you the feel of warmth and ambiance. LED string lights, candles, and flashlights are some that you can use.

Also, make sure your devices have enough battery to keep you away from the boredom in the rain. One idea is you can use the solar charger for backpacking. It frees you from having to be too dependent on electricity sources.


Camping in the rain with your kid is not necessarily frustrating. There are always so many ways to make it an enjoyable and memorable camping experience for you and your children.

With proper packing setup and positive attitude toward the weather, you will always enjoy your trip to the fullest. These 7 tips to go camping with kids in rainy seasons hopefully prepare you with crucial things-to-know before you start your trip.

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