5 Stress-busting Tips for Busy Moms

Children are extremely sensitive to the moods, language and mental state of their parents. Here are 5 stress-busting tips for busy moms.

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When you are caught up with your work, home or family stress, your kids are affected by that as well. It’s supremely important for you as a mother to take care of yourself and your kid’s mental well-being. Being busy isn’t a problem if it doesn’t affect your mood. Therefore, it’s important to take small breaks, relax and involve in some stress busting activities which allow you to breathe and function with ease.

We have compiled 5 stress busting tips for busy moms’ right here on this page. Check them out below and start practicing:

  • Take time to refuel

When you want to take care of other people, you must take care of yourself first. Take some ‘me time’ to refuel your energy every day. What are the things that make you feel fresh and energized? Make a list of those things and try taking small breaks during the day to put them into action. It can be simply taking a nice bath, spending 30 minutes alone in your room, reading a book, listening to music, a power nap, catching up with your sister on call. You must create some boundaries and make a little time for yourself daily. Working continuously affects your temper. Don’t think about getting everything done like a ginnie. Make sure to refuel your energy and enjoy your day.

  • Pamper yourself

Becoming a mom isn’t easy. Working moms get very less time to unwind and they probably forget about scheduling any trips to spas for some self-care. Nurturing yourself benefits not only your physical health but mental health as well. It helps you being mentally focused and strong for yourself and your family. Spend a day with your friends or a sibling at spa. You can always schedule with someone who has kids. You and 2-3 of your friends can decide days of the month when you can take turns and take care of the kids while one of you goes to the spa and relax. If you wouldn’t like to do that, you can keep a massage chair at home. This post will help you find one. Once you have a nice small setup in your home, hire a massage therapist for bi-weekly appointments. You can also take waxing and threading services with massage at home.

  • Get regular exercise

Exercise is a major stress buster for everyone out there. It lifts your energy, mood and even immune system. The health benefits of exercise can’t be ignored. It helps you stay more focused and makes you sleep better at night time. A work out improves your mental and physical productivity. If you can’t take out time for gym or exercises seem difficult to practice at home. Walk is the best solution. Install a pedometer and start walking 20-30 minutes (indoor or outdoor) daily.

  • Eliminate Clutter

Nothing makes a woman more stressed than a disorganized house. Cleaning all the mess is not entirely your duty. Fix small tasks for your kids and your husband on regular basis. They must know to do few things on their own like taking out the trash can, setting dinner table, putting laundry into its place, wiping floor after a shower etc. Seeing clutter builds up more pressure and stress inside mothers that they keep yelling on kids for. It’s best to build habits and rules for better management.

  • Quit Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is good to manage work load but it often affects your mood and you don’t realize it. It’s not necessary to do all the things at one time. The laundry can wait until your kids go to bed. An important email can wait 5 minutes, if your daughter is talking with you. Listen to her and look into her eyes. You must slow down and prioritize your tasks in a way that you are able to experience life with your loved ones, not with your laptop, or the dishes in the kitchen.

I hope you liked reading this post. If you have more stress busting ideas, do comment in the comment section.

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