Oral Hygiene Activities For Kids

Oral hygiene is a sensitive issue which parents must make their children understand at an early stage.

oral hygiene activities
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Learning should be fun for kids. Else you won’t be able to get the message across that easily. Take for example, oral hygiene is a sensitive issue which parents must make their children understand at an early stage. This is only possible through cool activities and games which kids will like a lot. You can make them learn the virtues of brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and mouth rinsing through fun activities. This is how your little ones will know how much care is needed for teeth and gums, and they will learn some valuable oral hygiene lessons at an early stage itself.    

Here are some fun oral hygiene activities for kids.

Role-Play Activity

Kids often try to emulate or imitate their parents. So, whether you do good or bad, be assured that your kids may pick a lot out of your acts than you imagine. Why not them leverage this to full effect and drill down in kids the virtues of oral hygiene? You can thus engage in role-play activity where you and your child can take turn to be the dentist and patient alternatively. This activity can help your child know a lot about oral hygiene than you’d hope. So, give it a thought and make your child learn the basics of oral hygiene.

Pretend Dental Office Activity

You can take the role-play activity to the next level and set up a pretend dentist office. You can make the office look as authentic as possible to add more fun to the proceedings. Then, you can let the child take the mantle of a dentist and do the job; encourage the child to examine your teeth, gums; ask some questions to you’ offer some dental advice and so on. This activity not only helps your kids understand oral care better, but he may also shed the worry of the dentist early in life itself.

Painting Activity

This activity is good for teaching your child how teeth turn yellow and how to make them white again. You will need yellow construction paper to shape several tooth shapes. You can then teach your child how teeth tun yellow and how to stop this from happening. This will also help in teaching the virtues of brushing and value of choosing right foods for dental health. You can then let the child use white paint as toothpaste to clean the teeth white. This activity is very helpful in learning oral care basics for children.   

Apple Activity

Using an apple to make your child learn about dental health would be a great idea. You can poke a hole in the fruit and keep it out for a few days. You can then tell how like the apple; a cavity can also form in your tooth if proper and daily brushing is not done. Your child can see how the home has turned brown and you can this tell that their tooth too become like that if proper care is not given. This activity can help kids learn dental health in a better way.   

Egg Activity

The egg activity is quite common when it comes to teaching kids oral hygiene virtue. In this, you can take a hard-boiled egg, place it in a jar of vinegar and then take out after two days. The shell will feel soft and a little cracked at places and you can teach your kids how your tooth works like that to keep gums and other things inside mouth safe. You can take your child to a Manhattan family dental care and make the also experience how dental care works in real sense.

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