What Are The Best Probiotics For Kids

What are the best probiotics for kids?

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When you are just about to go on your parenting journey, you would be bombarded with hordes of information regarding how to ensure your children gets the best nutrients possible. Protecting your children’s gut health is one of the critical steps to absorb all the proper nutrients, so eventually, the questions about probiotics will come up. What are the best probiotics? How can I introduce probiotics into my children’s diets? Read on to find out our recommended picks of probiotics products that are suitable for children older than three.

PRO-KIDS Children’s Probiotics

PRO-Kids Children’s Probiotics is undoubtedly the best product available in the children nutrition market. This is suitable for people who are concerned with getting the best product without having to compromise convenience and ease of use. Packing 3 billion colony forming units in one single pearl-sized pill, the potent of this probiotic is not to be overlooked, yet the dosage is only one pearl per day, making it very suitable for busy and forgetful parents to give to their children. Besides, taking the pill once per day is a simple task for children, whose mindset is to try to avoid taking pills and medications. We recommend parents to give the single pill to the children early in the morning to reap the best health benefits.

Renew Life Kids Probiotics

Looking for a wallet-friendly option? Renew Life Kids Probiotics is the choice for you. This product satisfies both criteria: first, it does not cost a fortune, and second, it gives great health benefits for your children’s gut. Being a chewable gummy instead of a pill, it is perfect for children who are snappy about taking capsules and tablets. Who can resist a sweet, berry-flavored, chewy and juicy gummy? And parents can be assured that these little gummies contain up to 3 billion live cultures and six strains of probiotics that promise to protect the gut’s health and contain no harmful ingredients or potential allergens such as sugar, dairy, and gluten. Therefore, even the most health-conscious children can enjoy the gummies without worrying about upsetting their tummies. This product contains 60 gummies.

Natural Sciences Kids Probiotics

Looking for the widest range of probiotics as possible in a product? Look no further; Natural Sciences Kids Probiotics has one of the most strains of probiotics in the market. It has notable strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-14, Bifidobacterium lactis BI-04, Lactobacillus Plantarum LP-115, Lactobacillus salivarius LS-33, Lactobacillus paracasei LPC-37, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus casei LC-11, and Bifidobacterium long BI-05, all packed in a yummy, sugar-free, orange-flavored gummy. The 60 gummies even contain prebiotic such as Larch tree fiber, gum acacia, and chicory inulin. They are perfect for children older than three years old, and because of their blister foil packaging, they are incredibly convenient to be carried around and consumed. A single package contains 60 individual packets, and the recommended dosage is once per day.

Tiny Tummies LoveBug Probiotics

Which probiotics can be non-GMO, gluten-free, and packed with lots of probiotics strains simultaneously? It is Tiny Tummies LoveBug Probiotics. This nutritional powder packs quite a punch with eight strains of probiotics and an impressive amount of live cultures: up to 15 million! Parents are free to administer this product to their children, either by mixing it with foods and drinks or by direct oral consumption. However, to maximize the children’s enjoyment without any hassle, it is recommended to combine the probiotics with their favorite foods and drinks.

Culturelle Kids Daily Probiotics

How can you ensure that your children are “berry happy” when they take probiotics? Culturelle Kids Daily Probiotics can do that! This product is heaven for parents and children who obsess over the flavor of wild berries. Being in the form of chewy and fun gummies with a wide range of authentic berry flavors, Kids Daily Probiotics is sure to make the children automatically ask not for one gummy, but more! This also puts less strain on parents on enforcing their children to take probiotics. Furthermore, these gummies are sugar, dairy and gluten-free, so they will not cause any harmful allergic reactions or elevate your children’s blood sugar level. Regarding the vital health benefits, Lactobacillus GG and many other strains are present in these gummies, and they are well-known to be natural and potent gut health protectors.

NatureWise Kids’ Care Probiotics

In the pearl form, NatureWise Kids’ Care Probiotics is promised to make children’s daily dosage of probiotics less of a hassle. The tiny pearl is easy to swallow, and they also can be hidden in food so that fussy children might have a higher chance of digestion. Containing up to eight strains of probiotics and 3 billion CFU, this is sure to provide your children with the best protection. Moreover, the shelf life of this product is considerably long, so parents will not have to worry about the deterioration of its quality if they happen to forget to feed this product to their fussy kids.

Dr. Formulated Probiotics For Kids

Although Dr. Formulated Probiotics For Kids is in tablet form, its small size and its sweet cherry berries make its consumption easy and foolproof for children. And the number of probiotics in these tablets is massive. There are up to fourteen probiotic strains, and there are also Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium, all of which are well-known health-promoting probiotics. Plus, it includes a certain amount of vitamin C and vitamin D, which are vital for cell regeneration and bone growth. The bottle’s long shelf life ensures that the quality does not go bad before your children finish it.

Digestive Advantage Kids Probiotics

Again, if parents want their children to take probiotics daily, Digestive Advantage Kids Probiotics gummies is the product to buy. This is one of the best probiotics gummies on the market, not only because of its lack of artificial coloring, flavoring but also because of the assorted fruity flavor and the proper amount of probiotics strains that are formulated in these delicious gummies. To maximize the effect of this product, doctors recommend that children take two gummies per day in different timing such as in the morning and the afternoon. Twice per day seems like a chore, but it is not when you buy this product for your kids. Soon, you will find them asking for the gummies without your prompt! This is great for kids who are already familiar with gummy candy, and for parents who want the best probiotics product for their children without enforcement.

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