Top Thai Restaurants Across the World

Where to find the top Thai restaurants across the world?

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Thai cuisine, the national cuisine from Thailand, is one of the most favorite cuisines of all the times. People from all across the world enjoy and love the Thai food for its strong aromatic components and a spicy edge.  Chefs like McDang and David Thompson, experts on top Thai food, talks about the distinctiveness of this cuisine, saying that it is the only kind of cuisine that rejects simplicity and is unique in its color, taste, smell, flavor, appearance and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits. Especially, when in Thailand one cannot just get around the delicious local dishes, but you can also find western food in this area. But there is no point of visiting Thailand, if you are not trying the Thai food from top Thai restaurants and here you can find the massive menus in most Thai eateries.

Things to know about Thai dishes

Thai food, as we already talked about earlier, is known the world over as being one of the most delicious and flavorful cuisines which encompasses various types of dishes including noodles, rice, salads, soups and grilled delicacies with the utilizations of Thai chilies, herbs, garlic and other aromatic ingredients. Thai dishes, which are served in top Thai restaurants, also have a careful blend of all these tantalizing tastes along with the overpowering spiciness. For example, a top Thai Food, Tom Yum Goong, is a combination of sour and spices, and is often paired with an omelet or rice you can find the massive uses of rice in the Thai meals. Here, in all kind of dishes, fish salt is used in just a similar kind of way, and they use to tender their dishes with different sauces. This is what happens to be a major problem for the vegetarians, who have to be careful while choosing from the wide range of Thai cuisines. Be it the local Thai food or the countryside food, each one is different in its own kind.

Different types of Thai dishes offered by top Thai restaurants 

  1. Tom Yum Goong: This is a combination of fragrant lemongrass, chili, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice, fish sauce and prawns and straw mushrooms lend it body. It’s distinctive smell us more like an exotic perfume which can go well with any kind of meal.
  2. Som Tum: This dish is from the Northeast state of Isaan which a combination of Garlic is, chilies, green beans, cherry tomatoes, raw papaya and has a sour, sweet, spicy flavor which can be loved by anyone and everyone. The flavor lasts from a long period of time and is a great distinctive from the rest of the Thai Cuisines.
  3. Pad Thai: This is the default international Thai dish. This dish consists of hot wok, fistfuls of noodles, onion, egg, crunchy bean sprouts, and fish sauce to ass flavor.  People all over the world visit Thailand to experience a taste of this amazing dish.
  4. Yam Nau: This dish is all about a mixture of onion, coriander, spearmint, lime, dried chili, strips of beef and fish sauce like always. From children to adults, Yam Nau is enjoyed by all for its juicy tender taste.
  5. Kai Med MaMuang: Tourists from all across the world go crazy for this stir-fried fish together with chicken, roasted cashews, sweet soy sauce, onions, chilies, pepper, carrot and mushrooms. The dish is simple yet amazing and delightful.

Even now you can also find out some top Thai restaurants in your city and most of these food joints are run by the renowned chefs. So now you do not need to visit Thailand to taste the Thai foods and you can also find them in your local restaurants.

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