Top Five Games for Kids to Play in Your Backyard  

Do you know what are the best games for kids to play in your backyard?

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Children love the warm weather and enjoy playing games outside either with their friends or parents. When they’re not home, parents do not need to provide them with activities to keep them engaged. The children will find different sources for entertainment. All parents need to do is offer their children a friendly environment in the backyard to help them to enjoy their games.

There are several structured backyard games that can entertain young children. If you’re looking for some ideas to make your child’s experience outside more structured and fun, you’ve come to the right place. All of these ideas are wonderful games that you can arrange in your backyard.

Water Balloons

Playing with water balloons is one of the most enjoyable games among all the kids. For this game all you need is a few water balloons. Keep your child involved in the process of blowing up the balloons and adding water to them. As a parent you will appreciate their creativity and unique thoughts. You can throw the water balloons a short distance and allow the kids to catch it. This game is best when played with a group of people. Parents can join in on the fun with this game as well.

Ladder Ball

For this game, you will have to buy a kit or you can build a kit on your own. To play ladder ball you need bolas. Bolas are a string with a ball connected at each end. Normally, golf balls are used in this game. Your child will throw the bolas towards a three-rung ladder. The aim of this game is to connect the bola to the rung ladder and to score points. The points will vary depending on the rung ladder. The player can get more points if he/she hits the bola around the highest rung. The best part of this game is that there will be a winner. It is a competitive game. Any player who gets the first 21 points will win the game. Ladder ball can be played one-on-one or with the teams. Even the adults can participate in this game.


Horse is specifically designed for basketball lovers. If your child loves basketball, he/she will certainly like this game. Your child can also practice his/her shot during this game. This game requires two people to start. Each player needs to attempt to miss the least amount of baskets. If a player misses a shot, you will receive a letter, starting with “H.” When a person misses all five shots, he/she will lose the game. Your child can enjoy horse even more by knocking out the other player’s ball. 

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is very popular among the kids irrespective of age groups. They will love it more as a group. It will keep your child engaged and active. For this game, you often need a large backyard and two teams. Each team has to defend its own flag from home base. The goal of capture the flag is to take the flag of the other team and to return it to home base without getting tagged. If a player goes to the other team’s territory, he/she will be tagged and will be out of the game.


Soccer is a great game for your child to play in the backyard. It is a favorite amongst young kids across the USA. This game is simple and straightforward. All you need is a soccer ball and $50 to build you own soccer goal. You ideally will need a large backyard as well so your child can have room to run around. Also, this game is best when there are several players since you will need two teams. Soccer will keep your child active and energetic.

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