10 Of the Best Rooftop Bars in Europe

Do you know the best rooftop bars in Europe? Here are readers’ travel tips.

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The summer is here in Europe and people are seeking for activities that will keep them entertained all summer. The level of frustration that comes with the winter is the type that will make you decide to get the best out of every summer. If you love drinking and eating out, one of the best ways of reveling in the summer, is by seeking out one of the best rooftop bars in Europe. You enjoy the amazing services on offer -from the drinks, parties, foods and then the amazing view. Below are the 10 best rooftop bars in Europe.

Tour Eiffel Rooftop Bar

This is an exception among the rooftop bars. It is not lying on top of any hotel, but rather on top of the most visited and viewed tourist attraction in the continent, the Eiffel Tower. At 300 meter high, you can’t even explain the feeling. Enjoy your champagnes and spirits here, for you are making history by being here.

Me Madrid Reina Victoria Rooftop Bar

The city of Madrid has been in the news for all the good reasons this year. They are currently ruling Europe in club football, and a vacation in the city will not be a bad idea. This bar is located at the center of the town, and its architecture is amazing. Standing on the wood floor and beholding the white terrace, you will enjoy the shill out environment. This oasis has violet lights to make your evening lovely, and you can enjoy wines, beers and spirits of all sorts here.

The Queen of Hoxton, London

This is one of the best outdoor places in the city of London. The rooftop bar is one that opens between May and September, with new designs each summer. Here, you will always enjoy eccentric beauty, faded glamour, the Cuban beauties, rum, spirits, beer, whisky, and all sorts of wines.

Hotel Raval Rooftop bar, Barcelona

Lying in the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, this has an amazing 360º terrace. There is a swimming pool, and from the bar, you can have an amazing view of the entire city.

Nüba, La Cité de la Mode ET du Design, Paris

This is more of a family place, and it’s very affordable. This rooftop bar is known for the best music you can have in this part of the world. They have a beach hut DJ booth from where the jams ooze out. There are table football sets, deck chairs and communal tables. This also hosts a lot of live concerts that you can be part of.

The Ninth at the Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza

Many people see Ibiza as one of the best places you can have fun in the world. Of course, Ibiza is one of the centers of fun and nightlife in Europe. They also bring their top game to the rooftop bar.  The Ninth has a fantastic furnishing. The view from the bar will blow your mind. You will behold the Ibiza hills and the shining lights, the Salinas Salt Flats, the Formentera and the Playa d’en Bossa. You can enjoy a happy hour here too.

Deck 5, Germany

This is a rooftop bar that is located in a beach in Germany. Here, you will enjoy a full vacation, from the deck chairs, to the palm trees, beach sand, and some Buddhas.  It lies at the top of the Schönhauser Allee Arkaden.

Hotel Paris Rooftop Bar

This is one of the most historic rooftop bars in the world. It hosts the drivers of the grand-prix each year. It is on top of the Hotel Paris in Place du Casino that was built in 1864, and has been the most elegant and glamorous rooftop bar in the continent.

Saint George Hotel Rooftop Bar, Rome

If you want to enjoy the view of the Vatican and Rome in general for free, climb up to the Saint George Hotel Rooftop Bar. From 7pm everyday, people can come up, and from here, view the coliseum, the Saint Peter’s Dome and enjoy amazing nightlife. It opens all year round.

Galaxy Bar, Hilton Hotel, Greece

This combines history with fun. From the top of the Galaxy bar in the Hilton hotel, you will have a great view of the ancient Acropolis. Here, you will enjoy your wines and spirits, while you see history and allow history to see you. It’s among the most visited in the continent.

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