5 Tips For Choosing Your First Bike

How to choose your first bike? Here are 5 tips!

choosing first bike
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Summer is the ideal season of the year to embark on a couple of outdoor activities. In case you are planning to start cycling with your family and you haven’t bought your bikes, then you are in the right place. This article will guide you through the process of how to purchase your first bike since beginners always have a difficult time choosing the best bikes.

Below are five tips you need to know when buying your first bike:

Know The Type Of Bike You Want

Before you visit the bike shop or visit an online bike store, you must decide which type of bike you want to purchase. As you well know there are various types of bikes, which includes hybrid, mountain, road, electric and commuter bikes. In case you would like to be riding off-road, then you will have to go for a mountain bike. On the other hand, if you are planning to ride on paved roads most of the time, in the parks or to work/school, then commuter and road bikes will be the best choice for you. With that in mind, when you get to the bike store or online marketplace, you will go straight to the section for the category that you have in mind.  

Decide On Size of The Bike

If you really want to get the best from your investment, then you have to prioritize the size and fit of your bike. It does not make sense to purchase a bike that you will have a lot of discomfort when riding. In case you are not sure about the sizing, read informational guides online or ask the salesperson to help you out as they have the required experience. In fact some high-end shops have a certified fitter who will help you find the best bike at an extra cost. When buying bikes for your children, age is an important consideration. They are likely to outgrow the bikes at one time or another. You really want them not to outgrow the bikes fast.

Do Test Several Models Or Read Reviews If You Want To Shop Online

Purchasing your first bike is more like buying a new car or house. This means that you should not settle for the first model that you come across. You are more likely to land on a good bike if you test several models from the bike shop. If you want to shop online, you can read reviews of real customers to know some good and bad sides of the bikes you like. Say for example, if you want to tour big cities, you should consider checking best city bikes online and see the reviews of some of the bikes you like there. If you are a woman, you can choose from best women’s bike available online.

You Get What You Pay For

It is important to consider the price of a bike before making any decision to purchase. The best approach is to ensure you do a thorough research on the prices of various entry-level bicycles so that you get a good deal. In most cases you will find that purchasing bikes online is cheaper than buying from physical shops. Buy from shops that offer discounts so that you get to save something significant. Remember that cheap is expensive and when the deal is too good think twice. Otherwise, you might end up buying a sub-standard bike.

Allocate Some Extra Money For Other Accessories

When purchasing your first bike, it is important to have some extra money to buy accessories such as shoes, helmet, bike light, pump, work stand, gloves, saddlebags and other vital accessories. You will definitely need these accessories every time you ride on the road or the trails. Bikes do get punctures after all, and they do require to be tuned to meet your personal preferences.

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