5 Tips to Throw a Kids’ Superhero Birthday Party on a Budget

How to throw a kids’ superhero birthday party on a budget?

superhero birthday party

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Kids’ birthday parties can be great fun, but they can also be quite the headache. When they start listing all of the things they want, it’s easy to panic and realize that the things they are asking for go way over your budget for the party. But if your kid wants a superhero themed party – which, let’s face it, a lot of kids want – you can still throw a party without breaking the bank. Here’s how:


You don’t have to have an entire bat cave in your backyard to create a superhero theme. Choose the colors of some of their favorite heroes, buy balloons in those colors and then paint the hero’s signature sign on them. It’s a cheap way to get lots of fun decorations. You can also take some old comics – or print them out – and use them as cone holders for snacks or tape them together to form a tablecloth.


Let your guests be your decoration. The kids will all be excited to be their favorite superhero, and you can include in the invitations that they are expected to come dressed up. Or you can make it into a party activity, where every kid gets a cape made out of an old bed sheet that they can decorate however they want. Do the same with little superhero masks and you are all set to have a backyard full of little people who are going to save the world. If you have the time, you can also make some toy weapons and gadgets for them to go with their costumes. When the kids are all dressed up, why not get a photo booth hire so they can treasure the moment with photographs of them in their costumes.


superhero birthday party

Photo by Conner Baker

The gift

A birthday, of course, can’t go without a gift for the special boy or girl. And, of course, you want to stick to the theme, but also think about what your kid likes besides superheroes. Do they like reading the comics? Get them the newest edition, or perhaps a vintage one that they will cherish. Or, if they prefer collecting toys, take a look at Pop Vinyl figurines by Davey Boys Toys that any kid would go mad over. If they like video games, the answer is obvious and if they prefer experiences, perhaps find a play or a theme park that features that superhero and plan a trip sometime in the near future.

The food

When at a kids’ party, you want to make sure that the food not only looks good and is delicious, but also that it’s healthy. Luckily, every single color can be found in nature and you can use that to your advantage. Make sandwiches with superhero symbols and colors, or get some fruit in those colors and put it on a skewer. You can also cut up bigger fruits, like a pineapple, into recognizable superhero symbols like Superman S, and then cover it with red sprinkles (or crushed, freeze-dried strawberries) to make it look like the real deal. For the cake, you can find superhero cake decals in most supermarkets, and they are the perfect addition.


superhero birthday party

Photo by Patrick Fore


Plan some superhero-themed entertainment that doesn’t cost you too much – and that’s not too hard when you have kids who just want to have fun. Instead of hiring someone to come dressed up, dress up like a superhero yourself and play some games. Or, create a photobooth with a bunch of superhero props that everyone can goof around with and end up with fun memories. A super easy game to organize is a treasure hunt, where the little heroes need to find some artifact hidden in the garden or around the house.

Remember, if your kid is too young to remember – or even enjoy – the party, you shouldn’t be throwing one. But when they are old enough, teach them to be responsible with their wishes and make sure they are helping you in the preparation of the party.

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