Ways to Transform Unused Space in Your Home

How to transform unused space in your home?

unused space
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One of the best options to increase your living space is by adding an extension horizontally or vertically. This may be a great choice, but not everyone has the budget to do so. After all, constructing a home addition can get expensive depending on your needs.

On the other hand, there are creative ways you can try to maximise the existing square footage of your home. Just look around your house and you may discover that you have more space that can be put to good use. From the garage, the attic, the basement or an underused shed with security screens, there are floor areas that you can transform into something more practical and functional.

In this article, we will teach you how you can redesign underutilised spaces in your house. Keep on reading if you want to get inspirations in unearthing that hidden square footage in your home!

Look Into Unfinished Areas

If you have unfinished areas on your property, you already have the best options for creating additional rooms. There are houses with incomplete basements, garages or even third-floor space. These locations are perfect for extra bedrooms, kids’ play areas, home theatres or hobby rooms. This is also the reason why a lot of real estate agents highlight an unfinished extra room as a selling point of a property. If you have one in your home, you can transform it to adapt to your needs.

Repurpose your Existing Floor Space

One of the most affordable ways to create a media room, a home office or a hobby space is by finding new uses for the area you already have. This does not involve a lot of construction so it would not cost too much to complete. You can repurpose your dining room into a kitchen extension. You can combine the two rooms by taking down the wall that separates them. You can also add a peninsula or island, which you can use for eating and storage space. You can also arrange the dining space’s flooring to accommodate a smaller area where you can enjoy family meals.

There are families who rarely use the living rooms. These rooms are perfect for repurposing. Simply add appropriate furnishings and storage, and you can turn this space into a home office, a library or a special room for entertaining guests for poker nights. Call your local roller shutter installer and give the space a darker setting or ambience for movie sessions.

These days, working from home is quickly becoming popular. However, spreading your paperwork, laptop and supplies on the dining table is not conducive to working. If you have a guest bedroom, take out the furniture. Add shelving, cabinetry and a desk to accommodate your office needs. You can also install a Murphy bed in case you occasionally let guests stay over. Now, you can have a great home office but still accommodate a guest from time to time.

Find Possibilities in Nooks, Crannies and Closets

When you look around your home, you will find all kinds of nooks and crannies. For instance, you can transform the space below your stairs into a work area that contains a desk and storage or other purposes like wine storage, a small pantry, prep sink or a mudroom with storage for coats, shoes and book bags.

You will find that the kitchen is full of spaces that you can modify and optimise. Your existing pantry can be redesigned with slide-out drawers, appropriate shelving, containers or door shelf units. Small spaces beside appliances can accommodate roll-out shelving. You can use it to hold canned goods, spices or cookbooks.

You can also reconfigure your closet to fit your needs. Your closet may basically accommodate clothes. However, if you redesign it with new cabinetry, shelving and clothing rods, you can improve its storage capacity by 50%. You just have to carefully assess your needs and current situation. Find the best solution that will provide you with more space. If you think the closet in your master bedroom does not provide you with enough space, you can repurpose an adjoining bedroom with drawers, shelving and hanging space. You can even include a bench seat and a big mirror to make the space more functional and comfortable.

Did you know that appropriately sized closets can also be used as a homework or office space? You can mount shelves or a desk to the wall for added functionality. A closet can also be a hide-away craft space. Just fill them with provisions for storing craft supplies. You can even install a drop-down desk for your workspace. These are just some of the good ideas for hiding the mess in a room.

Turning your Porch into a Living Room

If you want to have an additional space for relaxation during mid-to-warm climates, the best location to repurpose would be your porch. Overlooking your yard or garden, your porch can be transformed into a full-fledged room. You can even choose rustic furniture and décor to give the space a countryside vibe. Vintage wicker, rattan and country-style security screens would be perfect for this. Couple that with warm colours and you would have the perfect outdoor living room.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to maximise unused areas in your house. You just have to look around and be creative in transforming or repurposing your space.

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