Easy Ways To Redesign Your Child’s Room

Easy ways to redesign your child’s room.

redesign a room

Maybe you are the beautiful owner of your family house, with each family member allocated their own room. But as time goes by, your home, color theme and furniture no longer provide the comfortable enjoyable environment you desire. What to do? You can’t move without a lot of trouble and expense, but you can play around with the way the house looks! When it is a kids room you have the added situation of your child out growing a room that may have been perfect when they were only a year or so younger. Maybe your child no longer loves the kids show characters that they once did plastered on the walls, or perhaps the room is in dire need of upgrading to blackout curtains to promote sleep. Or maybe they have just outgrown their desk, table, bed or whatever. Is your child becoming a teenager? You may be interested in reading How to Transform a Child’s Room into a Teenager’s Room.


When people hear of redesigning a room, the first thing that clicks in their thoughts is the accompanying budget. True that, sometimes you might dig in deep, especially when you have to bring in a new set of furniture, in our case, maybe a new bed, or study table. But not always, there are a number of things that are less costly and less time consuming that you can also indulge in that will give your kid’s room a new look!

Talk to your child

The first thing you need to do of course is to have a word with them, that is, if they are not already ramming you with pressure to make a change or two in their rooms! You need to find out what they have grown to like. Kids change their preferences just like the blowing wind, so occasionally, you will experience a shift in food, clothes, colors, cartoons watched, clothes loved, and so much more. The change becomes gross as they age.

Plan it out

Create an imaginary picture of how they wish their new room to look like. Don’t chock them with what you feel is okay- yea the room is in your house, but the occupant, who is your kid, has a lot in dictating how it should look, at least for them to feel the warmth of the house! This is also helpful in making them develop a sense of responsibility as they continue growing, besides teaching them about how to boldly express themselves.

Below are the 5 easy ways that can help you redesign and create that dream room for your child.

Changing the room color

This is the simplest thing you can do! What’s more, you can make it fun by doing it together with your kid. Just buy the paint, roller, brush and drop-sheet. Colors have a way of making dull rooms bight, and small rooms appear bigger. It goes without say that kids like bright colors, amazingly, the same colors which give an illusion of a highly spacious room.

For starters, you can go by the colors preferred by your child. Your options here include doing one color for the entire room or mixing up a couple of colors in a room provided you match them well. It’s time you did away with those nursery colors and tried something new; a change is as good as holiday, or so they say.

Redesigning the room

Well, at times you may wish you to do a total make-over of the entire room. This might not be as simple as assumed. You can enlist the help of a good room design software to help you visualize the changes before you start to redesigning your child’s room.

Room design software

This can save you the hassle of hiring services of an interior designer for such a small job, and gives you a chance to personalize your kids’ room design. The best part is that you can make all the mistakes in a virtual home and not your actual home. Some design software has a randy undo function whilst others do not. Check out a review of some good FREE online room design software.

Some applications will allow you to redesign the room entirely by yourself using such simple inputs like doors, windows and closets, together with their measurements at the comfort of your house. It is easy to learn, master and use, and allows you to save your work for later continuation should it be necessary.

Once you are ready with a pictorial of the redesigned room, you can proceed to make necessary arrangements and have the work done.

Rearranging the room

Rearranging and/or bringing in new beds, study chairs and tables, shoe racks, and wardrobes if not inbuilt, is one of the simplest things that can bring a whole new look to a room.

This is not usually as easy as presumed, for if it is poorly done, a room can appear congested, even worse in cases of smaller rooms. You should carefully do this while striking a balance between the furniture you are placing in the room and the space available for them.


redesign a room


New decorations


It’s time to get more practical and add some pictures to the room if there were none, or simply alter and put new ones. Pictures are not only beautiful, but also magical! You can frame up family pictures, or use the ones that captured the special moments of your kids’ life, perhaps of the first day in school, of the times they were born, or some special family photo. You can go an extra mile by enlarging it, and giving it a colorful background.

Everyone else can easily change pictures and hang new ones on the old hooks. You may not be aware but you can hang even heavy paintings or other items even on drywall if you use special screws or clips that are designed for this purpose. Check out this guide about it here.

Securing pictures to your walls properly ensures that they are firmly secured and eliminates such things as falling off and breakages, or hurting your kids in the event that they decide to play in the room and accidentally knock off the photos.


Another tip in decoration includes adding a lamp shade if the room didn’t have any or replacing the old one with a different one. You can also play around by including a separate lighting on the study area, and another one for the dressing area now that they will be dressing or studying on their own. Quite simple strategies with winsome outcomes.

Other easy changes

Don’t forget a change of the floor mats, curtains, bed covers, and pillow cases. These too should be carefully selected so that their colors and that of the room match perfectly.

You can invest in a couple of varying sets of bed covers and pillow cases to give the room a new look whenever they are changed. Consider cartoon themes preferred by your kid instead of the ordinary plain types. You can see some more kids room ideas here.

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