How to Cook With Your Child

How to cook with your little child?

cook with child
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Cooking is one of the essential skills required for survival and healthy living. It is therefore very important to introduce your little children to cooking as early as possible. You can do this by arranging cooking sessions to make simple meals with your children whenever you have time. This is very important because your children will learn to be self sufficient and appreciate the energy and resources that are put into making homemade meals. Your children will also learn healthy eating habits and also avoid wasting food because they understand the process involved in making the food ready.

Ideally, your kids should be three years or older to be able to cook with because those younger than 3 have not developed cognitive skills required for cooking. You will enjoy the sharing quality time with your little ones which will make even the meals more enjoyable. Moreover, if your kids are already going to school, you can let them utilize the math skills they have learned in combining ingredients for the recipes.

Here are a few tips on how you can cook with your little kids safely while having fun at it.


If you want your kids to help you in the kitchen, then you should choose a time when you don’t have to rush anything. Weekends are the most appropriate when both of you are at home and you don’t have major commitments. During this time you are also well-rested and will not be easily frustrated when they create a mess in your kitchen. Weekend afternoons are most preferably when you have finished all house chores and are looking to make an evening dinner to wrap up the day.

Choose simple tasks

Plan in advance the meals you will be preparing together. Choosing simple recipes to begin with is a sure way to keep your kids hooked to cooking. You may decide to make a simple salad or a muffin which require few ingredients with no complicated steps so that your kids can participate throughout the entire process.

Assign them simple tasks which you believe they can do independently. This could include reading out the ingredients from the recipe and putting them out on the counter. They may also do some prep work such as washing fruits and vegetables you intend to use for your recipe.


Your children will need plenty of supervision while they are in the kitchen. They must learn not to touch hot stovetops and pans as well as not to operate whirring electric beaters. More importantly, you are responsible in teaching them what is ok and what is not in the kitchen. Let them appreciate the tasks they can accomplish and leave those they can’t for the adults. You should keep reminding of their safety especially when they are working with knives and other kitchen appliances.


Your kitchen is the first place your kids will learn how to live green and conserve the environment. They need to learn to switch off electric appliances which are no longer being used as well as switching off kitchen faucets to conserve water. Your kids are also likely to pick up the habit of not wasting food if they spend more time with you in the kitchen cooking.

Have fun

cook with child
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Your kids will definitely make a big mess of your kitchen while cooking with you. Even adults do that. To have an enjoyable experience together, be patient with them and keep the mood light. Make sure you compliment them for a job well done and offer them the first taste of the food you cooked together. Oh, and remember to ask them what meal you should cook together the next time.

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cook with child


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