Keeping Your Kids Safe with Smart Home Technologies

How to keep your kids safe with smart home technologies?

smart home technologies


Smart tech has become an inextricable part of the modern lifestyle, and in recent years it has begun weaving itself into our homes, automating various processes and simply making life easier, simpler, and safer. Home automation, although a fairly new concept, is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe, and while comfort is the main selling point behind its fame, home security is another crucial driver and a major benefit for growing families. Here is how smart technology can help you keep your kids and your entire family safe, both inside and around the property.

Setting up cameras around the property

Surveillance cameras have been the staple of home security for decades, and smart technology aims to take the concept of property surveillance to a whole new level with interconnectivity and software that works on a myriad of platforms simultaneously – including your smartphone, desktop PC, laptop, and home automation system such as Amazon’s Alexa and the likes.

The main perk of smart cameras is that they operate via Wi-Fi and are connected to your dedicated smartphone app, allowing you to keep a close eye on your property, both inside and out. This means you have complete control in case something goes awry, allowing you to call the authorities or any other emergency response service with a push of a button. The best part, video recordings are stored on a cloud-based platform, which means that no evidence can be destroyed.

Smart motion sencors with spot lighting

Working hand in hand with smart surveillance is smart motion control and spot lighting. Motion sensors are also a tried and tested solution, but when connected with sensitive smart cameras, they can easily detect any movement in and around the property. The spot lighting will be able to shine a light on any home invaders, stopping them dead in their tracks, with the cameras then snapping a few HD pics that you can send to your local police department immediately.

Istalling smart locks

When it comes to transforming your home into an unassailable fortress, door and window locks will play a vital role. Remember that the front door is you last point of defence against home invaders, so instead of simply upgrading your traditional level locks to deadbolts, consider fully replacing them with modern smart locks.

Smart locks allow you to control home entry via smartphone and lock the doors even if you’re not physically present. Don’t forget to have a reliable 24-hour locksmith on standby as well in order to address any issues promptly. You can also let family members in remotely, and hook up your locks to your surveillance system, locking the doors automatically in case of an attempted break-in.

Don’t forget about a doorbell camera

Taking the home security story even further, doorbell cameras are excellent at providing the kids with a way to control who enters the home, especially if they are left alone in the house while you’re out at work or running errands. But the best part is that a smart doorbell camera will immediately cast an image of the visitor to your smartphone, so that you can take full control and decide whether or not to let them in. This way, you don’t have to worry about your kids being swayed by skilful intruders.

Makes sure everything is compatible

Finally, when choosing your smart tech and building your home security system, you want to make sure every gadget is compatible with other gadgets, and that they can all be hooked up to a central control and monitoring system, such as your smartphone, home automation hub, or computer. Being a fairly new concept, smart security may offer plenty of solutions, but sometimes different techs may not be able to work together as one. So, keep that in mind when selecting your gadgets.

Home automation is the way of the future, and smart home security is slowly but surely paving the road to a safe and happy future in the residential realm. With these essential security measures in mind, you can finally elevate the security of your property and keep your kids safe with smart tech.


smart home technologies


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