Travel Must-Haves When Going To the Beach

Travel must-haves when going to the beach.

beach must-haves
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Do you intend going to the beach soon to have some fun?  The packing list below provides you with all the essentials things you will need to enjoy yourself in the sun. From Solid Sunglasses, swimsuit to travel towels. We cover a large list of essential items you need to take along with you to the beach.

Solid sunglasses

This will help protect your eyes from the sun. It is important to make sure that your beach sunglasses are specifically made to be water resistant.


You are obviously going to need a swimsuit because you can’t escape water touching your clothes even if you wouldn’t be swimming. It is advisable to go with at least two different swimsuits so that you will always have an extra dry one on hand.

Travel towels

These will keep you dry after your swimming sessions. Your towel should be handy, thick and able to absorb much water.

Baby powder

You can’t stop sand from attaching to your body on the beach. An easy way to get it off the body quickly is by using baby powder. Simply sprinkle it on your body and the sand will fall right off.

Waterproof bluetooth speakers

You can listen to your favourite music on the beach by packing waterproof Bluetooth speakers along with you to the beach. Most of them have a wide wireless connection range and a good battery life which provide you with your favourite tunes throughout the day at the beach.

Portable cooler

The sun is usually at its peak while one is at the beach, this makes a portable cooler come in handy. It will help keep drinks cold during your stay (especially if it is a beach party). A well-built cooler that is durable, waterproof, and comfortable to carry will do the job fine.

Waterproof cards

With some chilled drinks and cool music, cards will surely add some fun to your stay at the beach.

Water shoes

Water shoes will be useful if you intend to walk around rocks and cliffs (if there are any around the beach you intend visiting). They will help protect the feet.

Hair protection

There is a tinge of excitement you have when the beach waves blow in your hair, but damage can be caused to the hair (if you don’t have a weave fixed on or your hair braided) because wind is not hair-friendly. A lot of hair products manufactured solely for the beach are available; these include shampoos and conditioners which protect the hair from ultraviolet rays.


Pack an extra pair of underwear for the beach. They will help you feel a lot better after you might have changed into dry clothes. You don’t want to feel wet underneath while heading home.

Shorts and tank tops

Shorts and tank tops are also essential items on the list. Jean shorts are advisable because they don’t easily get soiled; tank tops also keep one relaxed.

Beach bag

A beach bag will always come in handy on the beach. It helps you keep anything from water bottles to books, to towels. A great travel supply bag is often helpful when at the beach.


To a large extent, sun hats help minimize the amount of sun that reaches the body. In choosing sun hats, pick those that have wide brims.

Water Bottle

Getting dehydrated on the beach is easy, and it happens all the time, taking a water bottle that will hold fresh water wouldn’t be a bad idea. Water bottles made of stainless steel are advisable because they are well insulated (the water will remain cool).

Kids toys

You can go to the beach with your little ones. Taking some beach toys and beach balls wouldn’t be a bad idea. Kids will equally enjoy using a set to build sand castles.

Which of these travel must-haves can’t you do without? Share your list with us in the comments!

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