Toys Decluttering – Principal Considerations

Toys decluttering: principal considerations.

toys decluttering


Toys play a pivotal role in the upbringing of a child. They are educational, inspiring, and a lot of fun. The only problem is that they can also be scattered everywhere and get in your way. As new toys come into the household, it may all seem like a never-ending battle.    

Still, there are many practical steps you can take to turn the tide. Done right, they do not take that much time, but they do require patience, commitment and thought on a regular basis. So, ready to set order to your living space and keep the disarray and mess at bay? Kids will not like the notion of letting some toys go, so you better help them get a new perspective on their possessions.

Facing the music

It is easy to get overwhelmed in the presence of toy clutter. Where do you even start? Well, take a deep breath and proceed step by step. First of all, you have to decide what exactly to declutter. Start by asking questions yourself. If there too many toys around, then you are to blame, as a parent who buys them. Also, are you setting the wrong example with your own hoarding habits?

To figure out the answer, go through the piles and decrease the amount of moving parts. In all likelihood, there could be piles of excess items. Children can hardly understand this principle, but less can indeed be more. Kids cannot effectively play with dozens of toys at the same time. Really good toys get snowed under a bunch of subpar products. Besides, children tend to quickly overgrow their favourites.

Separate wheat from the chaff

Your main weapon in the campaign against clutter is storage, so make an effort to ramp up your capacities. There are various solutions you can employ, from plastic bins and boxes to closets and open shelves. If you do not have enough storage or means of sending items somewhere, you need not fret. You can utilise the services specialised pros, as these Brisbane-based self-storage providers, to transport and store a mountain of toys.

At the very least, you can stock up garbage bags, laundry baskets and other organizing tools. Group the toys into categories like “baby toys” and “puzzles”. Handle and examine each and every item. Donate or give away clean and used toys that are only collecting dust. Dirty and broken pieces should be discarded. As for new acquisitions, you should set a realistic monthly budget. This will limit your consumption and contribute to clutter-busting efforts.

Likewise, I would recommend you to focus on the quality and value of toys, not their quantity. Opt for pieces that ooze great workmanship and provide high playability. Find trusted brands and shop around in multiple stores. Steer away from fads that hit the shelves on a daily basis. They trick you into spending money by generating buzz and excitement around average and shoddy products.

A joint family operation  

It pays off to involve children in the purging and decluttering.  They should have a say in what stays and what goes. In case they cannot reach a decision, you can make it for them. Here, it is a good idea to designate a confined space for toys and prevent the mess from spilling over everywhere. Set clear boundaries: once the space gets full, there are no more toys.  If kids want something new, they have to remove the old toy first.

Explain to them why they need to bid farewell to their toys and how decluttering plays out. To prevent ruckus and headaches, keep the initial sessions short and give a reward later. Turn it all into a fun family adventure. Finally, encourage the little ones to take on activities that do not revolve around toys. Embark on outdoor escapades and explore the world together with them.  There is no shortage of opportunities for learning, discovering and having a blast while at it.


toys decluttering


Get it down to a fine art

The only way to stay on top of the clutter is to purge, organize, and sort regularly. Kick off the decluttering endeavour by deciding what to throw out, pass on or keep. Do away with toys that are no longer used or fallen out of favour.  Make a clean-sweep if you have to. Set a predetermined budget for toys and try not to blow through it.

Moreover, enforce strict rules when it comes to the number of pieces. After a while, you will make a habit out of decluttering and become a real pro. In the process, you can teach the kids valuable lessons of sharing, compromise, and moderation. You can also take this chance to embrace minimalism yourself and cut back on material possessions.

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