Jumping Exercises for Kids – Fun and Healthy Benefits

Jumping exercises for kids: fun and healthy benefits.

jumping kids
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Anyone who’s ever seen a child jumping knows what the face of true joy looks like. Their eyes light up, their little faces get that look of pure, innocent happiness, and then their feet stomp on the ground, and it’s really a wonder how such a simple action can inspire some much exuberance. Parents tend to cringe and purse their lips; seeing their child bouncing off into the air so precariously invites the images of broken bones and ER visits, and our first urge is tell them to quit that and stay safe. But did you know that jumping can actually be a great form of exercise? Even adults can benefit from it, but children are the ones that really get to both have fun and improve their health, so letting them bounce around is a great idea. Want to know what jumping can do for your kid and how you can let them indulge safely? We’re here to share!

Cardiovascular health

With the obesity rates among children rising at an alarming speed, cardiovascular health has become one of the primary concerns that pediatricians keep warning us about. Obesity at such an early age can wreak havoc on our kids’ bodies, putting them at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint pain. This is why jumping is such a great solution – all kids love it, and it’s much easier to get them to exercise by doing something fun rather than ordering them to stand in their room and attempt to do squats. Jumping exercise will keep their heart pumping and raise their oxygen absorption, and lead to better functioning of their organs.

Stronger legs

Strong legs can take us very far in life, and children who jump can get the benefits of muscular limbs early on. No more getting tired and begging you to carry them after only half an hour of walking – jumping will tone their legs and increase their endurance, and generally make them more active and willing to exercise later in life.

Bonding with other children

How and where you jump is very important for safety’s sake, but so is who you are jumping around with. That’s right, besides physical benefits, children can also gain friends and bond with their peers. To avoid injuries, you can look up some fun jumping castles for sale and find something that you can put in your backyard for your child to enjoy. Jumping castles are safer than trampolines, and they have the added benefit of being made specifically for children to enjoy. Is your kid shy and has trouble making friends? Well, making a jumping party and inviting the school children will make sure that they get the chance to bond. There’s no way anyone would miss out on the opportunity to come to such a fun event.

Dealing with excess energy

Energetic children can be a real joy to watch, but they can also wear out their parents who keep struggling to get them to take their nap or to even sit still in one place. Exercising is the key to dealing with hyperactivity, and jumping provides the perfect, high-energy workout that will help them both of you out.

jumping kids
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Dealing with low energy levels

Funnily enough, children who are shy, quiet, and withdrawn can also benefit from bouncing around. Because it’s such a fun, pure activity, it can help them break out of their shell and enjoy themselves without feeling self-conscious or scared.

You can do it too!

Look, jumping can burn around 100 calories in only ten minutes, so there’s really no reason you can’t enjoy it as well. Not only is it a good workout for you, it also gives you the chance to befriend your child and have fun together. Just try it! Jump, laugh, and fool around. Let yourself get silly and the bond between you and your kid will only grow stronger.

And there we go, the perfect way to exercise for children – it doesn’t involve any particular skill, it’s not stressful or competitive, and it benefits their health. A fun, lighthearted way to strengthen their muscles and bring them joy.

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