Mother’s Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

5 super amazing mother’s day digital marketing campaign ideas.

digital campaign ideas
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Although, you still have a few weeks until mother’s day you should start planning your marketing strategy if you want to make a fortune. With the rise of digital media digital marketing techniques are the new course of success and special days such as mother’s day, father’s day prove to be a great profit generator. While some may disagree with the approach, this is a real-time marketing technique that one needs to get behind to make a considerable increase in sales.

Use video marketing

Video marketing is an essential tool to use in everyday marketing, but on special days the need increases. On mother’s day, you should target the emotions. While humor does increase sales in general marketing, it is essential that you cater to one’s feelings of love, care, strength rather than laughter. Tell the world how strong mothers are, how caring and loving they are. Appeal to their emotions and they are bound to take cash out of their pockets.

Social media

Social media contests are the next best thing you can ask them to you use your product and recycle it into something and post a picture the one with the most likes is sure to win the social media contest. You can have price money or anything related to the specific day apart from a contest you can also start a hashtag to promote your product. Just like the blogger iisuperwomanii uses the hashtag #GIRLLOVE to promote her rifiqis you can start your hashtag and see the profits raised.

Targeted Emails

Targeted emails are always a good marketing strategy to up your profits. A mother who has a pretty tough time keeping everything in order would love a personalized email telling her that she is a hero and that she is appreciated and that is bound to increase customer loyalty.

Video coverage on the official website

Engage your customer to play certain games and make videos. That will show the other target audience out there how much they mean to you and while giving your customers some time to enjoy themselves the videos are sure to benefit you. Using this technique the brand gives off a holistic image in which they show the people they are not mere corporations that go after money but they have a strong foundation. This shows the image in which the cooperation gives off an empathetic vibe.

Mobile marketing

Mobiles are every mother must either they have to check up on their children or their husband a phone is what every mother has listed as an essential .using mobile marketing techniques such as sending them some discount codes is bound to help them and you. If you use mobiles to target their location and send them information on the different deals that are available, this will help them out and increase their convenience and your business.

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digital campaign ideas


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