7 Things To Do Before The Birth Of Your Baby

7 things to do before the birth of your baby.

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You are about to have a baby, congratulations! Just how prepared are you to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world? Having a baby means much more than adding a new member to the family, but it also means adjusting to the new situation.

It does not mean that you should change your life and get a bunch of things that you probably won’t need. However, it means that you should start planning and try to become better organized. With an extensive list of what you need to do before your baby comes, it can get overwhelming keeping up with it all.

Come up with a detailed list of everything that needs to get done, and here are seven things that you should do before the birth of your baby.

Confirm Everything About Your Insurance

No pregnant woman wants to have to wait for insurance confirmations when they checking into a hospital to give birth. The reality is that a few unexpected things might happen and you want to make sure your insurance has it covered.

In fact, if possible pre-register at the hospital where you plan to give birth if they accommodate the option. Send in insurance and medical paperwork early enough to save time when you check in to deliver. Also, find out if your insurance provider provides cover for things like breast pumps. Also, verify everything that the insurance covers and what they do not cover.

Buy Waterproof Bed Pads

You will need waterproof mattress pads for both your bed and the baby’s crib. For your bed, you do not want to ruin your mattress in case your water breaks when you are in bed.

For the baby’s crib, get at least two mattress pads. It makes things easy in case your little one wets the bed. Try a layering strategy by having one mattress pad on top of the bed and cover it with a fitted sheet, and then the second mattress pad on top of the sheet also covered by yet another fitted sheet.

Buy Some Pairs Of Nursing Bras

New mothers need to feel comfortable and adequately prepared for their baby. One of the aspects that bring this feeling is not having proper nursing bras.

Breastfeeding is part and parcel of motherhood, and a good nursing bra makes everything easily accessible. You want to quickly feed your baby, particularly during those odd hour feeding sessions at night.

Make Sleeping Arrangements

Yes, most parents will get a crib or bassinet for their baby. However, where will you place the crib or bassinet during the first few weeks?

Before your baby adjusts to a regular sleep pattern, children will wake up several times every night. Most parents choose to have their baby’s bassinet or crib in their room during those first few months.

Attend Birthing Classes

Nothing can prepare a woman for the birthing process. Attending birthing classes can help reduce some of the anxiety and fear of giving birth.

Birthing classes provide an opportunity to ask all the questions you have about the delivery process. You also get to interact with other pregnant women and share experiences.

Get A Pediatrician

Do not wait to get a pediatrician after giving birth. Start looking months before delivery.

Your baby will need immunization jabs and checkups starting a few weeks after birth. You want to have a pediatrician at hand for also those questions you will have as your baby grows.

Get At-Home Help

You will need a little help around the house after your child is born. Having a newborn at home can get overwhelming for every mother, and that help can help reduce the stress around this time.


Remember the above-mentioned tips before the birth of your baby. But you will need many more things after the birth of your baby. You will need things like formula closest to breast milk, baby diapers, baby gates, baby strollers, baby bouncers, baby bath tabs, baby swings, baby toys, baby cribs, baby carriers and many more things. Make sure you are always ready to provide your baby utmost comfort and healthcare.

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