6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Dog

6 reasons why your child needs a dog?

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Your child’s story books, movies, music, toys, clothes and décor all are populated with animals that make them fall in love with it. Most of the time kids wanted to own a pet. The next time your kid insists you to get him a pet consider getting them a puppy because at this age your child needs a compassionate friend that entertains and protects him at the same time. In addition to this growing up with a pet helps them in the development of different personality traits. If you are still facing dilemma whether you should get a dog pet for your kid or not? Let me give you some reasons to why you should get them a one.

Responsible- Art of Taking Care Of Others

Well kids tend to spend most of their leisure time with their pets that help them develop the feeling of love and care. Get a puppy pet and make your child responsible to feed it, give it a bath and keep pet toys at place. In this manner, the seeds of responsibility will be planted during the childhood.

Your Child Will Stays Healthy

Does your child go out daily to play? Probably most of the parents will answer this question with a “no”. In today’s world children are usually engaged in watching TV or playing computer and mobile games. However, being physically active is very important for your child’s physical development. A dog likes to walk, run, chase and play. If you will have a pet like dog at your home there are more chances of your child to go out and play with him. Staying active will decrease the chance of getting obsess and leads to health promoting lifestyle. In addition to this staying physically active boost ups the immune system which in turn decreases the risk of getting sick frequently. Another health benefit of keeping a dog at your home is that children who grow up with dogs are less prone to allergies or asthma issues.

Relax and Calm

Dogs also help in managing behavioral problems in kids. Children usually share their moments of sadness, discomfort and secrets with their pets. In addition to this playful interaction or just a cuddle can uplift the mood of your child. Interaction with dog can also help in calming a hyperactive kid. While looking after a dog a hyperactive kid can learn discipline. In addition to this dog creates a different bond with kids that have special needs and can help in managing behavioral issues in them too.

Dog Will Be an Ear for Him

Dog brings sense of calmness to children. Though parents are always around their children to make them feel good and relaxed but there are times when you have to put restrictions over them or to punish them. At this time they speak up in front of pets which make them feel relaxed as they have developed a bond of unconditional love between them. This will help them to open up in a better way and will make them more confident.

Dogs Help Them In Learning

Having a dog as a pet helps to learn your child multiple skills. First of all dogs help them in emotional development. Participating with dog and take caring of them will help provide them with parental skills. Secondly, by taking dog out for a walk can help them making new friends that will reduce their hesitation in socializing. Dogs a calm listeners so they can they can speak, read or share their things with them which will boost their self-esteem, they will also become more confident and committed.

Strong family Bond

Your dog may help you build strong family bond. Pets are over and over again are focus of activities that families do collectively. Like going for walks in the evening, feeding him, taking care of his stuff, or bending down to play with him. We all have stories about him to share with other family members.

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