A Dream Job with a Big Family Made Simple

I do believe firmly that there is a dream job for everyone, that fits them perfectly. Some people find it, some people don’t. I am happy to say that I did.

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I liked working my entire life. I was the biggest fan of my work as a journalist, I still miss it very much, but I also did my best at my other jobs, even if they didn’t fit my personality, for example my job as an academic lecturer at my alma mater.  I have had jobs that were very easy and required almost no endeavor, but I have also had situations where I had some problems (dealing patiently with students who offered camels and goats if I was willing to skip through certain parts of the curriculum, well, after a while, it seemed impossible for me to do this, so I quit after a short amount of time). But despite every circumstance that made my job harder, I tried doing my work with enthusiasm.

However, for quite some time now – still a GDP manufacturer – I have been unemployed. And I am constantly looking for opportunities that might suit my current life situation, so I might find my dream job. Until now however, I have not found anything. And then it suddenly struck me…and it did not require anything special, just the usual: five kids and a casual weekday.

Dream job

My dream job is an enterprise that I can manage from home, suits our big family life well and that could contribute to the incomes of our family. Or if not that, then some other way – that is beneficial to us and has a relatively high rate of return – so it compensates for the lack of financial support, but it definitely won’t add to our expenses.

Writing, that is love for me, so it would be a great base for my dream job, but seeing things now, it won’t provide us a living…

What then?

One night the five kids were jumping around us, Middle One and Four were killing each other over a toy car, because they couldn’t decide who got it or if it was a birthday or a nameday present (by the way, I bought it for Smallest and Santa brought it), Big Girl was going through an emotional rollercoaster, either crying or laughing, as expected from a teen girl, Big Boy was disappearing one time and coming back the other, but it was never a good time, and Smallest was interrupting every heated situation he could, thus making it worse.

Looking at this (still) life, the idea of the perfect enterprise struck me…Dream job? Absolutely! This is a perfect win-win situation. You don’t believe me? I’ll prove it.

Beneficial for us: it requires no investments, because we already have everything we need, meaning five kids, who just have to do their usual thing, they do not need prior preparation.

Beneficial for the participators: experiencing (meaning surviving) situations that you have never experienced before, with a chance to practice or do certain things multiple times, in an authentic environment with real life people. There is a constant place for development, as the kids are continuously growing and improving and thus changing the status quo that we believed was rock solid, until we can come up with a routine that works.

We offer challenges for everyone, even if you just want to practice, but the braver ones can get a higher education, the possibilities are endless.

  • Starter pack: a few hours of simple tasks with a few kids, for example going to the playground or playing in the room, without the need for a band aid
  • Advanced pack: spend a Friday night in the flat with five kids, without the parents being there (it is possible to talk to us on the phone), manage the morning routine without someone getting hurt etc.
  • Extra pack for the highly educated: putting the five kids to bed in four different rooms, with teens who are addicted to their phones as an extra task
  • Unique offer not just for babysitters: “Have a secure future” is our motto, so we recommend our course to future parents who feel a little insecure, or parents with 1-2 children.

Participation fees, terms: according to your endurance, the training is free of charge (in every other case, the participation fee will be decided for everyone separately), participation only at your own risk. It is not permitted to bring kids, only to take them.

Bonus: the course is available all the time, you do not need to ask for a reference, we give one to you instantly, and you can put it in your CV

Application: any time, but as soon as possible in the editorial office

Motto:  #ThisIsHowIWillBeAnAmazingBabysitterEasily

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