Planning a Family Vacation With Kids in Tow

Planning a family vacation with kids in tow: what you need to know.

kids in tow
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Family vacations can provide a fun getaway from the daily stresses of life, but they aren’t often without certain stressors of their own. With kids in tow, what might seem like a fun trip can quickly turn disastrous if careful planning hasn’t been done. There are certain aspects parents need to consider carefully when they’re bringing children along for a vacation. 

Deciding Where and When to Go

Kid-friendly places should be the main choices considered when wondering where to go. Destinations that focus on adult-only offerings, such as bars and nightclubs, won’t likely have much for the kids to do to keep them entertained. The age of the children should also be considered in this category, as older children might do great on an outdoor adventure while infants and toddlers won’t fare as well in the sun all day. Carlsbad, California is one possible option. With hotels and resorts located near plenty of kid-friendly places, such as LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Safari Park, it makes it a great option. Check out the city’s website at to see all the possibilities. 

The question of when to go is another important one. Some families may have to wait until summer when school is out so they can make it a longer trip. Others might choose to go during spring break. Still others want to get away from the heavy snowfall and travel to a warmer city around Christmas and New Year’s. Southern California is an ideal destination due to their typically year-long warm weather pattern. 

Choosing the Mode of Transportation

The type of transportation for the trip will also require heavy thought. Will the kids sit well during a long car ride? Would they be too antsy on an airplane? Think it through to determine the best option when traveling with kiddos. Many people choose air travel because it is faster, so the kids won’t have to sit as long. Others prefer driving themselves so if the children do get upset, it won’t upset other passengers and they can stop and go as needed. It’s all a matter of personal preference as well as time allotted for the trip. 

Packing Plenty

You can never have too much stuff when traveling with kids. It’s best to bring along toys, activity books, doodle boards, tablets, and anything else that can keep kids entertained, whether during the trip there or while at a particular spot during the trip. Keep some things in the car and others in a bag or purse so there is always an item available to keep kids busy. Extra snacks and drinks and a first aid kit should always be on the packing list as well. 

Keeping Kids Healthy

No one wants to go on vacation only to end up staying inside the hotel to take care of a sick child. The first goal should be to keep the kids as healthy as possible when on the trip. This includes making sure they drink plenty of water, with the water coming from bottles rather than tap as it isn’t safe everywhere. It’s also important for everyone to start out each day with a healthy breakfast to ensure the minds and bodies are ready for the adventures ahead. Fruits and vegetables should also still be eaten on the trip. While a few indulgences won’t harm anyone, eating at fast food places and consuming high amounts of calories and sugar just because you’re on vacation will lead to many sick stomachs. 

Traveling with kids in tow can turn into a great adventure. A family vacation will provide plenty of great memories for everyone to remember. To have those great memories, however, some careful planning needs to get done to ensure a safe and fun trip for everyone. 

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